Fr Heilman defends Fr Altman

Fox News


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3 responses to “Fr Heilman defends Fr Altman

  1. Liz

    God bless Fr. Altman, Fr. Heilman, Fr. George, Fr. Gordon MacRae and all of our good and courageous priests!

  2. Angela Donaldson

    Fr. Altman,

    We thank you as a dear Father for standing up to all the sacrileges that have been, and continue to be done in our beautiful Catholic Church. If more priests and Bishops would speak truth the way you do, many souls would be saved.You are in our daily prayers. Keep the faith!!

    May Mary protect you, her dear Priest son.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Bravo, Father Heilman!! God bless you for your courage.

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