Update: Diagnosis: viral pneumonia. Mass schedule…

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 10 6:00pm Saturday at Holy Redeemer in Andrews.

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 11 8:30am Sunday at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville.

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 11 11:00am Sunday at Holy Redeemer in Andrews. Substitute priest. TLM.

No. I do not have Covid. They tested.

I’m back home for now.


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21 responses to “Update: Diagnosis: viral pneumonia. Mass schedule…

  1. jane a brown

    will be offering my mass and prayers for you fr george for a speedy recovery…..try not to burn the candle at both ends and do what the mds tell you so you recover…we need you.

  2. meshugunah

    Whoa! Having had Pneumonia several times, can’t emphasize enough that you MUST get rest and follow doctor’s reccomendations in order to recover. Otherwise, after effects will linger and just keep knocking you down – I speak from experience. There are so many people who love you and who will step up to take care of business – just ask! Prayers, as always…

  3. akperera

    May you have a swift recovery. Ave Maria!

  4. Angela

    May you have a swift recovery. Ave Maria!

  5. Liz Liz Feuerborn

    Oh dear! Praying for a rapid recovery, Father.

  6. Gina Nakagawa

    Prayers ascending to Jesus’ wonderful Mom for your quick recovery.

  7. Catherine

    Wishing you a swift recovery…prayers for you Father George.


  8. Mildred Reyes

    I, Second all your other well wishes and add , Angel of God your guardian dear, ever be at your side, to guide ,to guard ,to help you heal and breathe, so be it,amen AMDG MILDRED

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  9. Lara L Traylor

    Praying for you. Rest and heal. Remember, God had Elijah take a nap and have a snack. You too, need to rest and restore.

  10. Mary Ann

    Prayers for you to get well. I had pneumonia in the middle of 2002, and my doctor told my husband in front of me, that if I was bought to see him the next day, that he wouldn’t have been able to save my life!
    Wow was it strange to hear that! I thought that I was too young for that!
    Two hours later, I learnt that the bishop, was giving my long-standing organisation, the St. Mary MacKillop treatment!
    Father George, I’m sure that you know, what I’m referring too, when I refer to the Saint Mary MacKillop treatment.
    The Saint Mary MacKillop treatment, for those who need to know, is the historical Australian bishop technique of shooting, without asking a few questions first, which could easily clarify any concerns and difficulties.
    Father George enjoy your rest. The one month; that I was on complete bed rest, in the middle of winter 2002, with all my work and duties removed for the time being, chewing on three different types of broadband antibiotics, listening to music, eating prepackaged microwavable dinners, was the most relaxing holiday, that I ever had.
    I look back upon it fondly.

  11. Cathy

    Prayers for your recovery, Fr. Byers. God bless you always!

  12. nancyv

    Ah, God’s providence has arrived.
    Father, rest and know we all pray for your return to being a voracious light of God’s love. Hail Mary…
    (and Happy Father’s Day)

  13. gk

    praying for you Father!!!

  14. Jeff

    Praying a Memorare for your healing . . .

  15. Joisy Goil

    Prayers for a speedy recovery and restoration of your strength and stamina.

  16. sanfelipe007

    I have had this FIVE times, and it gets worse each time. Rest Father, Rest. When you feel recovered, KEEP resting! Give your body at least seven extra days of Boring rest. We’ll pray for your rapid recovery, but NOT your rapid return to the Lord’s vineyard!

  17. Aussie Mum

    I hope and pray you will return to full health very quickly, Father, and never have pneumonia again. It is so very dangerous. Last time I had it, after being discharged from the local hospital’s intensive care unit (in hospital about 2 weeks), it was discovered that I was so deficient in Vitamin D that the blood test showed none at all. Thereafter, following two or three years taking Vitamin D supplements, I began to cope better with chest infections. I wonder if Vitamin D supplements would help you. I also take a zinc supplement as that is said to be important as well. Most important of all though, rest as other have mentioned, and keep stress to a minimum.

  18. sanfelipe007

    Aha! I caught you reading my comment, Father! Go back to sleep! We sinners will still be here when you get back.

  19. ML

    Prayers S.Padre.
    Thank God for an angel Liz, that sent me an email about you being in hospital. I’ve just seen her email 1/2hour ago. Well, take care and may God heals you. All the Sisters are praying. The ones in Australia sends their prayers for a speedy recovery. Indeed everyone is praying.

  20. elizdelphi

    Praying for you, Father. Hope you are on the mend.

  21. I wish you a speedy recovery,

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