Bishop William Callahan’s Message to Parishioners at St James The Less 07.11.2021

In other words, the laity are to shut their damn faces in their support of Father Altman, who is presented as some sort of terrible, terrible criminal. This is so very ludicrous, but ever so sad.


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16 responses to “Bishop William Callahan’s Message to Parishioners at St James The Less 07.11.2021

  1. sanfelipe007

    This Bishop. I can’t even.

  2. Claire Dion

    Thank you dear Fr. Byers for supporting Fr. Altman. Thank you for not being afraid to speak up.

  3. Separation of Cuurch and state (LOL). Why highlight the political environment of La Crosse and Madison, Wisconsin? Because two priests of traditional and conservative bent were reprimanded for not enthusiastically embracing the Democratic party platform.

    La Crosse, Wisconsin: Both the city and county of La Crosse have voted Democratic in every presidential election since 1988. In the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton won by 52% of the City of La Crosse. In the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama won 65% of the city of La Crosse and 58% of La Crosse County. In 2014, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ranked La Crosse as one of Wisconsin’s top performing Democratic cities.

    In the United States Congress, Democrat Ron Kind has represented La Crosse as part of Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district since 1997. The city is almost coterminous with the 95th Wisconsin State Assembly District and is represented by Democrat Jill Billings. Additionally, Democrat Steve Doyle currently represents suburban La Crosse County in the 94th Assembly District. La Crosse is part of the State Senate District 32 and is represented by Democrat Jennifer Shilling.

    Madison, Wisconsin: City voters have supported the Democratic Party in national elections in the last half-century, and a liberal and progressive majority is generally elected to the city council. Detractors often refer to Madison as “77 square miles surrounded by reality” a phrase coined by former Wisconsin Republican governor Lee S. Dreyfus, while campaigning in 1978. In 2013, there was a motion in the city council to turn Dreyfus’ humor into the official city “punchline,” but it was voted down by the city council.

    The city’s voters are generally much more liberal than voters in the rest of Wisconsin. For example, 76% of Madison voters voted against a 2006 state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, even though the ban passed statewide with 59% of the vote.

    In 1992, a local third party, Progressive Dane, was founded. City policies supported in the Progressive Dane platform have included an inclusionary zoning ordinance, later abandoned by the mayor and a majority of the city council, and a city minimum wage. The party holds several seats on the Madison City Council and Dane County Board of Supervisors, and is aligned variously with the Democratic and Green parties.

  4. Paul Maliborski

    Mary’s coming. Tuesday will be so special.
    The wolf in sheeps clothing shall be destroyed.
    Thank you Jesus

  5. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for posting this video.

    In listening to it, I had a strange feeling that I was at a funeral. Of course, something is very very wrong here when Truth and the messager are silenced in the face of evil. Parishioners are being told to be silent in the face of evil. My spirit is unsettled and mortified at the injustice. Is this really the Holy Spirit speaking in this video message? We know what is happening and may God guide and help us in this battle. Saint Michael pray for us!

    God bless you Father George!


  6. Deb Eiserle

    If the parish has tripled under Fr. Altman, I fail to see how he has been divisive and why the parish needs ” healing”.
    My prayers go out to Fr. Altman and all of the priests who have been “sidelined”.

    • sanfelipe007

      Oh let me jaded, here. Just how many of the new arrivals were liberals? I think maybe any decrease in ratio of liberals/conservatives in that Parish is what was intolerable to those who had the Bishop by the , uh, “ears.”

  7. Madeline Miller

    Father Altman is one of the most holy and grace-filled priest I’ve encountered. Now he is being persecuted by other hierarchy who themselves were not shepherding the people of God. How sad it is that the Catholic Church continues to be scandalized by the USCCB who do not live according the Magisterium and are not courageouse enough to keep our churches open and give us the Sacraments. Instead, they caved in to the governor and instead of saying NO we will not close our churches, closed them. If they had stood up against st the government, we would have never seen the lock down like we just did. The Church is being crucified because of the infidelity of our hierarchy. Whoa to them one day.

  8. Gina Nakagawa

    Dear Bishp Callahan, You are a successful combination of a large reptile and an Italian sausage-a crock of baloney. Father Altman teaches the truth of Christ’s teaching and he calls out those who should be called out, the wolves among the sheep.

  9. Mary Jean Diemer

    This Bishop needs prayers that he and those like him who are cancelling our true priests will be converted to the true faith. God bless and protect Fr. Altman. He is a true shepherd, not this bishop! We will not be silent! That is the problem! Too many have been silent and look where we are!

  10. Dianna

    Look at his photo in his grand clothing, mitre cap and staff…ha ha. A staff represents a shepherd…he is no shepherd. Father Altman is a man of God, telling truth, teaching the Bible and being God’s herald. I feel pity for all these sick, “woke” leaders from Pope Francis on down. You cannot edit the Bible, put your spin on it, endorse sin. Father Callahan will meet God one day, he will stand in judgment for his hypocrisy. His gilded garments and staff are an insult to God. Bless you Fr Byers for always speaking truth and bless the Fr Altmans and Fr Clays of this world who have been treated like garbage for simply telling it like it is.

  11. Michael Butts

    Did not Father Altman not speak truth. I was led to believe the parish was growing in size, spiritually and operating in the black. May God bless this parish.

  12. Today, besides being the feast day of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, is also the feast day of one of the 40 English martyrs who died in the persecution in England in 16th and 17th centuries -I think his name was John Jones, and he was a Franciscan, who would not give up the faith and kept saying masses till he was caught and killed. May this saint, and the rest of the 40 English martyr saints, strengthen our dear priests who are speaking truth and suffering for it; may we, the laity, be strengthened also to speak out against this evil happening in the church at this time.

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