Notes about the rectory garden…

There are now three spaghetti squarrrshes. You’ll notice that in the lower right squarrrsh there’s a little worm hole. Not to worry. I’ve found that the worms (protein!) generally don’t burrow further than the outside shell, and you can easily extract a small bit of the shell before microwaving[!]. This Spring – 2021 – I ate through the remainder of last years squarrrsh – Autumn of 2020 – that I had sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. They were perfectly fresh. Five minutes of microwaving, say, a quarter (lengthwise), made for perfect al dente spaghetti, as it were. Great!

The seeds for these spaghetti squarrrsh came from the ones I was eating the following Spring. While I was microwaving, I ran out and planted the seeds I had gouged out of the squarrrsh and watered them. And now there are so many more. God is good.

Meanwhile, I was complaining about there being no bees. Well, that’s changed. I saw about a dozen today. So, they’ve discovered the garden.

So impatient, I was also complaining about there being only a few October Bean pods. Now I count fully one hundred.

The tomatoes are putting out lots of fruits, the count – which I shouldn’t do (Remember when King David did that?) – the count is at about 60 having harvested about a dozen already.

Today was the last pickings of the asparagus patch. That needs to grow into a huge forest once again.

The lettuce all of a sudden took off…

Blah blah blah ? ? ?


The Lord God made us in such manner that as we go through unrepeatable minutiae dealing while with that which is utterly mundane, such as manure from Cooper the mini-horse next door, so as to fertilize any garden, or whatever it is, if we do any and all of that with the love of God, walking with, say, Saint Joseph and our Blessed Mother, with our Lord Jesus, with our angels guardian, with agility of soul, purity of heart, interceding, say, for the whole of the Mystical Body of Christ, so that heart and soul is opened up in love for the whole of mankind especially in midst of the sorry state that we are in, well, these unrepeatable minutiae become an occasion to come away for a little while with the Lord, but at the same time already at the ready to assist those who call upon us.


I’ve been doing this all on my own. But when I was at one of the ordinations recently I was at table afterward with a gentleman who asked about gardening. I explained what I was doing and he asked if he knew what was happening in and Charlotte. Um… No… He was more amazed. He said that there is a grass roots movement (grass is the wrong word) of Catholics, particularly home-schoolers, to have big gardens, starting small, but say, enough when you got good at it to have provisions, say, for a year. He said that there is a prudent “prepper” side to this, but the main motivation – as it should be for everything in our lives – is to let the gardening speak to you about God. This isn’t at all a hippie thing. Rather, it is ferociously about Romans Chapter One, wherein Saint Paul says that the whole of creation speaks to us about the Creator. This takes a certain humility. And this leads to a kind of epiphany that God is good and kind in every way, and that He is with us even in all the unrepeatable maneuverings of manure from Cooper the mini-horse.

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