Hating the Traditional Mass?

I don’t know where to begin. I just can’t even…


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10 responses to “Hating the Traditional Mass?

  1. Catherine

    Another thought is that satan really hates Latin. How convienent that the powerful traditional Mass uses Latin and its being suppressed. Hmmm…

  2. Terry

    I, too, am in shock Father. This “call to unity” will only cause disunity. With the Germans near schism this is the issue on which Pope Francis brings down the hammer? Evil has its hold in this decision. Do you know where I can find the closest underground Latin Mass?

    • Father George David Byers

      It’s all in flux right now. I gotta look for loopholes and read canonical commentary of others. But, I am stunned. I just can’t even…

  3. Catherine

    It seems like more suppression of the Holy Mass…beginning with the restrictions of the morning masses held at the Vatican that Pope Francis implemented. At this rate, will we see a full out suppression of the Mass?

    It makes me wonder if the eventual suppression of the Mass will be the trigger for the three days of darkness prophecied. It brings to my mind, that when Jesus hung on the cross dying, a darkness came over the land for three hours. There was earthquakes, etc. that happened as well.

    I have to admit that I feel sick at what Pope Francis has done. This news released today is a terrible affront to the Lord… This can’t be good for us and how will the Lord respond to this betrayal made by the highest levels of the Church. May God have mercy on us all!


  4. pelerin

    Following your email I have just googled this as I did not know about it. I am stunned. Only this morning I was watching part of a Byzantine rite Mass being celebrated in the Grotto at Lourdes as part of an ‘Internet pilgrimage’ taking place today. It was celebrated ad orientem and I could not help thinking how sad that they could not find time to celebrate an EF Mass there today. Ironically they call the pilgrimage ‘United’ using the English word. Sadly I fear that today’s announcement will lead to disunity – a them and us situation.

  5. Gina Nakagawa

    Pope Montini smelled the smoke of Satan in the sanctuary. Too many cardinals, bishops, and “with it” priests covered it up with clown masses. Finally here we are. May God have mercy on our souls

  6. nancyv

    All is not what it seems. I love the TLM because it taught me what the sacrifice of the Holy Mass is and made me want to love God more. But we cannot abandon the Church. I know no one is saying that here, but there are alot of folk losing their minds over this. Let us not lose our soul.

  7. pelerin

    I am confused as to what the Pope means by not allowing the EF Mass in parish churches. I have emailed the Priest in the next town who celebrates two weekly EF Masses to ask if he will be continuing them and he has replied that he will be doing as before.

    • Father George David Byers

      Let’s just watch canon lawyers fight it out for a while. It’s all as clear as mud fight now.

  8. pelerin

    I have just watched Taylor Marshall’s talk analysing the new motu proprio. When it came to the bit about not allowing the EF Mass in parish churches he said ‘Are they going to have to meet in a tent!’
    The Priest in the next town who celebrates a Sunday EF Mass each week is now the Vicar General which I understand is a right hand man to the Bishop so we can keep our fingers crossed that although the Bishop himself does not celebrate the EF, as far as I am aware, Fr J will be able to influence him.

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