Today I offered the Traditional Latin Mass: 16 July 2021, Our Lady of Mount Carmel

That was the Noon Mass. It’s all about the Lamb of God.

I still haven’t read the missive at 7:45 pm, nor was there any note from the chancery. And no, I don’t trust the Vatican communications crowd. They have blatantly lied many times and changed texts. Why should I trust those who repeatedly lie? When I get a copy promulgated in the Acta in Latin I’ll consider considering it.


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4 responses to “Today I offered the Traditional Latin Mass: 16 July 2021, Our Lady of Mount Carmel

  1. Lara L Traylor

    Our church had one this evening as well. Thank you being a strong shepherd to your flock. What can we as lay people do? Praying for our bishop to be strong, yes – but are there practical/worldly actions we can take? I see a lot of “we need to fight this” in social media – how can we make a difference?

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Dr. Taylor Marshall read it. It’s pretty grim. Pray much. Pray often. Remain happy and hopeful. The Good Lord will obliterate the lord of the world.

  3. Thank you Father for weighing rumors lightly and your continued saying the Latin Mass facing the Crucifix. We need to pray to our Blessed Lord that what becomes is from him.

    • Father George David Byers

      Well, there have been multiple missives from the chancery since then. It’s not good.

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