Traditionis Custodes: some observations and prophesies

Let’s begin this screed here in the Diocese of Charlotte, NC, USA, with our Vicar General’s email sent out late Saturday night [the day after, 17 July, 2021]. It contained the above PDF from the Most Reverend Bishop. We are now to “begin to study” [indefinite time frame] and only then will we “being to consider” [a consecutive indefinite time frame]. That refers to quite a long space of time, which is prudent, given the weighty but oft contradictory commentary of Canon lawyers, bishops and cardinals, with wildly different and contradictory applications right throughout the world.

This already testifies to the stunningly ambiguous and imprecise nature of both the “Letter” of Pope Francis and the “Motu proprio”. This allows for lots of wiggle room, say, loopholes. In the discovery of those loopholes, those suffering the restriction are to be given the widest possible latitude, the least restrictive interpretation possible.

There is some emotionalism regarding this highly controversial letter because of the Promethean “manner and tone”, angry and sarcastic, the taunting, the baiting. It’s quite bullying, non-Fatherly, quite the iron fist, no mercy, no accompaniment, just a literal casting into the peripheries (further comment on that below). In other words, however imprecise the Canon law in these “documents” of Pope Francis, we know precisely, incisively, painfully, exactly what he means. Burn it all!

It’s prudent to wait some time while more knowledgeable minds opine. I saw a great comment the other day, for instance, which would solve a great deal of anguish:

  • When there is a matter of discipline, that is, something not absolutely essential to the faith, an odious and unbearable burden foisted upon Christ’s faithful, priests or laity, any demand for obedience to that prescription, that law, can be lifted by the local ordinary with the stroke of a pen. Yes. Very cool, that. I mean, we’re interested in the motivation of Canon Law and other law, that is, the care of souls, the cura animarum. I, for one, expect this care for Jesus’ Little Flock from our Shepherds.

There is concern that “at the moment, and until further notice [uh oh… or is that just being diplomatic? ;-) ] those priests who have already been offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass [btw: using that language is a most polite but strong rejection of Pope Francis’ efforts, much along the lines of what Cardinal Mueller has just published. ;-) ] may continue to do so.” Great, for the moment, I mean, that does sound a bit ominous, but we’ll see how it works out.

There is also the statement that we will be “moving together as a diocese in a smooth and orderly transition to the new course charted by Traditionis Custodes.” That is also a merely very carefully phrased statement, for it could include dispensations from prescriptions that are most odious to the faithful. ;-)

While there are a myriad internal inconsistencies and contradictions and impossibilities and ambiguities in both the “Letter” and the “Motu proprio” of Pope Francis, there are a couple of observations which I am compelled in conscience to make as a priest of Christ Jesus.


There are circumstances in which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in the traditional use is cast right out of any parish church. Well, there are consecrated non-parish churches or chapels close to Charlotte, such as Belmont Abby and, certainly, the new seminary chapel. And that makes me laugh out loud with great joy. You can’t get better than that, you know, if you live nearby to those places, you know, like the seminarians. Door to door travel time both ways for someone in my parish would be fully ten hours, not to mention the time to arrive early, assist at the Mass, and a little time to pray afterward. Can you imagine the burden for those who are elderly, weak? How terribly cruel would that be? Very.

The solution for my parish, in the middle of nowhere back-ridges at the end of the diocese, would be to sanction that this form of the Mass be offered in the ultra-filthy slimy Community Center of the town. The Mayor of Andrews has already promised that I can have a few early morning hours every Sunday provided no one else has signed up for that time. And that’s unworkable for a thousand reasons where people travel from a number of other states to get here.

But this brings us to the heart of that which horrified me. There are plenty of good reasons for Holy Mass to be said outside of any parish church. Priests said Holy Mass in their bunks in Auschwitz, for instance. Or how about this:

But this action of Pope Francis is an attack from inside the Church. Not to be done.

To throw out any Rite of Holy Mass, right out of any and all parish churches, is to physically throw Jesus Christ Himself out of His own church, His own sanctuary, His own altar. “Damn you, you damn Jesus!” Isn’t that what’s being said? Just a question. But a valid and necessary question that is, at any rate, perhaps, rhetorical.

Oh, I forgot! I get it now! Pope Francis did this on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Alexander Tschugguel went into the Carmelite church at the end of Via della Conciliazione up from the Vatican, grabbed the demon idol Pachamama, brought it to the Tiber River, and threw it in the river. What Pope Francis is doing – throwing Jesus out of His own church – is it in vengeance for Pachamama being thrown out? Remember that Pope Francis held a worship ceremony for the demon idol Pachamama, and then had the demon Pachamama placed on the Papal Altar in Saint Peter’s (above Saint Peter’s bones). This is the Bdelugma, the abomination of desolation where it should not be (see Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14).

In other words, Pope Francis has equated Jesus and Pachamama.

  • “But Father George! Father George! You obviously didn’t read what Pope Francis wrote about how much he hates abuse of the New Order of Mass! What you say cannot be! You’re an old meanie, rigid!”

Well, here’s the deal, for Pope Francis there is no abuse possible in the Novus Ordo Mass, for he himself is the worst abuser of the New Order of Mass, having enthroned the demon idol Pachamama on the Papal Altar.


There will be forced concelebrations of all priests once a month, say, with their bishop at their Cathedrals, with each occasion having having a different theme:

  • Gay-marriage theme in honor of enculturation of Germany
  • Demon Pachamama idol theme in honor of enculturation of the Amazon
  • Dirt-bringing theme in honor of enculturation of aboriginal peoples in Australia
  • Red-Mass theme in honor of pro-abort politicians, making sure all of them get Holy Communion
  • Need I continue for all 12 months of the year? I think you get the idea. Perhaps you can think of other themes.

If you are a bishop somewhere in this world trying to suck up to Pope Francis, smashing down priests, but having no intention of following up yourself on such diabolical behavior, know that you will be the next target. If this is done to Jesus, don’t think you are safe. And then what will you do? Follow Jesus or deny Him. Those who deny Him in this world be denied by Him before His Heavenly Father.


“A thing is good because it is integrally so; a thing is evil on account of any defect. An evil law is no law at all. It can’t be obeyed or disobeyed; it is simply nothing. The law-giver is acting ultra vires, beyond his powers. It is to be ignored.

To put that differently, disobedience of a subject to an evil order from a superior is supreme obedience, an act of charity beneficial to the subject, to the superior, to all others who hear of it.


I’m not angry, bitter, upset with Pope Francis. I pray for him. Thanks be to God and to the prayers of many, even I rejoice in profound peace. I offered Holy Mass for Pope Francis today. I included bishops who are cancelling priests unjustly. I included priests who are have been cancelled, and those who are in the process of being cancelled unjustly, and know it or don’t know it.

The irony is that the Holy Mass that I offered was in the use of the Traditional Latin Mass at the main parish Mass in the Main parish church this past Sunday, two days after this was forbidden. The letter of my own bishop was sent out late Saturday night, but I knew nothing of it until after Sunday, on Monday morning. :-)

God called us to live in this time. Let us have the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit, come what may. Hail Mary


I’m thinking that Pope Francis will require all priests to get vaccinated with vaccines which are dangerous and immoral, having been derived from living tissue ripped from babies as they are taken living out of the womb. Priests who are faithful to baby Jesus in the womb of His dear Immaculate Virgin Mother will be dismissed forthwith from the clerical state (laicized) and large numbers of Jesus’ Little Flock will be deprived of the sacraments. Jesus is not happy with that, nor is our Blessed Mother.


Those who are close to Jesus and Blessed Mother (say the Rosary!) will find themselves rejoicing in heaven.


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13 responses to “Traditionis Custodes: some observations and prophesies

  1. Nan

    Abp Hebda sent a similar letter, found in Alpha News. I don’t expect anything to change. If it does, I expect we’ll get more refugees from Roman World, as people unhappy with their parish sometimes come to Byzantine World in the meantime.

  2. Joisy Goil

    On the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Pope Francis makes this declaration – the next day at Saturday night mass – we hear the first reading – Jeremiah 23:1-6, co-incidence? Or is this God speaking directly to His flock?

    This gives me pause to think. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. He also told us not to fear those who could kill the body but rather those who could kill the soul.

    I don’t like those who would shove me into damnation – I don’t think many people like their enemies. But…. I will continue to pray for these wolves in sheep clothing. In obedience to Jesus.

    This is so scary. And sad.

    You are right Father George, we need to get out our spiritual weapons – our rosaries! And Protect Ourselves.

  3. pelerin

    I understand that my diocese is ‘safe’ for the moment and those priests who offer the EF Mass will be allowed to continue. There used to be a joke among traddies that the EF Mass was allowed on the 5th Sunday of the month, at 6 am, and when there was an ‘r’ in the month – in other words not very often.
    I was delighted a few months ago when I learnt that another EF Mass was going to be celebrated in my county. However I then learnt that it would be at the same time and same day as another established one in the same area. And both Masses are far too early in the morning when one has to rely on public transport so sadly out of the question for me to attend.
    I live in a large town which has ten Catholic churches but sadly none of them has an EF Mass now. Several years ago I was able to attend two each week one in my own parishand another a bus ride away. Sadly my parish priest got moved on and the health of the other one is not good otherwise I know he would have continued. Three or four years ago a priest who I knew once celebrated the EF moved into one of our parishes but so far he has not offered an EF Mass in spite of several of us asking him as politely as possible.

  4. pelerin

    I was interested to see a photo of a full church for the EF Mass in the diocese of Arlington Va on the website of The American Conservative. This contrasts with what a friend told me this morning – several years ago she asked her elderly parish priest if he would celebrate the EF. He told her that if she could get 20 names from the parish he would do so. She only managed to find one….

  5. I find it interesting and meaningful (for me at least) that two days after this Moto Propio was published (Friday the 16th) and on the day that it was supposed to go into effect (Sunday the 18th), Judaism celebrated Tisha B’av, which commemorates the destruction of the two Jerusalem temples, so long ago. It could be said that this Moto Propio was an attack on the Temple of God – the Church – from within the Church. But, God is in charge, and He will bring good out of all of this, and He does not let Himself be mocked, and the gates of Hell will not and do not prevail against His Temple, the Church.

  6. Do you think Pope Francis authored this Moto Propio , or simply attached his signature to the document? One can be cautious when choosing words but less guarded when reading words of chosen colleagues.

    • Father George David Byers

      We know many have worked on multiple revisions. I am not judging him, just what is presented. I ask a couple incisive questions. That’s just a courtesy to him. I’m doubting anyone involved was concerned about anything except destruction, but my doubt is on them. It all seems to be studied ambiguity. But the message is rather clear, as clear as Pachamama hitting the water, as clear as Pachamama being enthroned on the altar.

      • Unfortunately, I tend to agree. The growing appreciation for the beauty of the traditional Mass was one of the more encouraging stories within the Church. Unfortunately there are many who feel threatened by tradition.

  7. Gina Nakagawa

    There are certain Bishops who have already said that the Latin Mass will continue. Bishop Coredileone (Heart of a Lion). I pray for Pope Francis every day. The title of this horror is very interesting: “Custodian of Tradition” What tradition? Amazonian pregnant idols, is that the tradition we are to cherish? I think there is a great deal of jealousy in this action. The Novus Order with its congregation schmoozing, ugly music, temple females, and encouragement of blasphemous desecration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is on the wane. The return to tradition is on the rise. We are all sinners, but we owe God our utmost love and respect God does write straight with crooked lines. I am looking to the final chapter of this book.

  8. Maureen Voit

    Thank you Father George for speaking the truth. My family was fortunate to be in attendance at the Holy Mass this past Sunday in your parish. We were on vacation and chose to go to your parish randomly. It was our first TLM, and we are so honored to be a part of what was such an important and special Mass Thank you for being a good shepherd. We will pray for you and your parish community.
    Maureen Voit

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