Pachamama to Traditionis custodes to forced Vax to unimaginable persecution

Firstly, a review of Pachamama: 27 October 2019, at the closing Mass for the Synod on the Amazon, after having recently blessed and having recently participated in the worship of blood-thirsty demon-idol Pachamama in the Vatican gardens, Pope Francis caused the enthroning of the blood-thirsty demon-idol Pachamama on the Papal Altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, just above the bones of Saint Peter. It the last picture above note the Pachamama symbol toward the bottom of the bowl. Such a plant with red flowers is a thousand times more the fake living presence of fake Pachamama, more of a demon-idol and than any wood carving could ever be.

Just my opinion, but Jesus Himself spoke directly to you and me of Pope Francis in the apocalyptic chapters of the synoptic Gospels. Here’s my persnickety translation of the Greek. Look up these chapters and read them. More posts on that later.

  • “When you see the desolating abomination being caused to be enthroned where by divine mandate it must not be…” (Mark 13:14)
    • Obviously, someone is causing the demon idol to be situated, established, in this case, enthroned. We’re the ones seeing this. Pope Francis is the one who is causing this to be done. Usually that last phrase is translated something along the lines of “where it shouldn’t be.” No, no. The verb used is used quite exclusively for that which must be or not be by divine mandate.
  • “When you see the desolating abomination spoken of by Daniel the prophet having been caused to be enthroned in the holy place…” (Matthew 24:15)
    • “In the Holy Place…” Yep. And I dare you, look up the passage in Daniel.
    • For good measure, read Luke 21 and Apocalypse 12. Yep.

Moreover, in the passages above, we sometimes read of a “time, times and half a time,” variously interpreted as 3.5 years or whatever. The vocabulary for time in all these cases (kairos) refers to divinely appointed periods of time, such as a year of jubilee, or a liturgical season, or high holy days for whatever liturgical event is taking place. Daniel, however, spells out “time, times, and half a time” for us in terms of the number of days in three and half years: 1,260 days (see more below). Pope Francis caused the enthronement of the demon-idol Pachamama on the Altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice, the Papal Altar, in Saint Peter’s Basilica on 27 October 2019. This was singularly the worst, most evil thing that any Pope or Jewish High Priest had ever done outside of denying Jesus and maneuvering for Jesus’ death (in which we have all participated).

Well, that would be true, except that Daniel adds another detail, another singularly most evil thing, both evil things being consonant with each other. Daniel has it that an unimaginably violent persecution will take place (1) not only when the abomination is set up, enthroned where it must not be, (2) but also when the Daily Sacrifice is abolished.

Tangent: I have no idea about symbolic numerology in the Scriptures or Jewish writings. But if we were to take all this literally, which seems to be intended by Daniel, then, most particularly, he speaks of an unimaginable persecution in terms of actual days over years. ///

Back to the Pachamama: Recall that Pope Francis had Alexander Tschugguel hunted down for throwing a Pachamama demon-idol into the Tiber River, and that this viciousness of Pope Francis went on for weeks and months. That high profile hunting would never have been done in any other pontificate, because no one would have cared about some stupid demon-idol having gone missing from a smallish Catholic church. The police would have simply mumbled “good riddance” to any priest at that Carmelite church hosting the demon-idol, and not one other person in the world would ever have heard about it. But Pope Francis was angry. It went worldwide.

Anyone who would cause a demon-idol to be established, enthroned on the Papal Altar above the bones of Saint Peter does not seem to care in the least about Jesus, the Divine Son of the Living God, dear Son of the Immaculate Conception. Instead, it seems that Jesus is just another idol, as if to say: If you believing Catholics throw Pachamama out of a church then I will throw your Traditional Mass out of all parish churches along with the Jesus of your entrenched Tradition.

Just my opinion, all of this, but Jesus does want us to read the signs of the times and severely reprimands us for not doing so. I’m trying my best.

Bringing to an end the Daily Sacrifice:

  • These days I get phone calls from priests in good standing and with assignments talking about leaving so as to join the SSPX. For me to get such calls is merely the tip of an iceberg. Priests don’t want to participate in throwing Jesus out of any parish church because of a persecution from within the Church. Will they leave? Will they be sanctioned by bishops and be forced to leave?
  • Pope Francis (1) demanded that all workers in Vatican City State be vaxed or placed in wildly different conditions, or lose their job, and then Pope Francis (2) demanded that anyone whomsoever he would meet on his trip to Iraq had to be vaccinated, and then Pope Francis (3) is required that anyone who wants to assist at a Papal Mass and receive Holy Communion is to be banned, forbidden, unless they are vaxed. The very next step – just hypothesizing here, but stating the most probable – is that Pope Francis (4) will require bishops, priests and deacons and religious to be vaxed, you know, because he thinks that would be a good example to the world, and that would, of course, usher in forced vaccines right around the world. Very many priests will refuse, and will be suspended or worse, meaning that uncountable parishes will be bereft of the sacraments.
  • Pope Francis says he laments abuses of the Novus Ordo, but there is no abuse possible for him, since enthroning the demon-idol Pachamama during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on that very altar is not any kind of abuse whatsoever. I can only imagine with this – in all probability – that there will be enculturated forced concelebrations of all priests with their bishop that will have a Pachamama enthronement theme (because it’s all about themes). And with this the vast majority of priests will be sanctioned for not participating in such diabolical hellish behavior. And that will mean that the Daily Sacrifice will be smashed down quite entirely.

Just my opinion…

Hail Mary…

Is what this painting depicts below really so very evil?…

We’ll forgive the altar-boy for forgetting his duties!


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3 responses to “Pachamama to Traditionis custodes to forced Vax to unimaginable persecution

  1. Catherine A Lemek

    Fr. Byers, I don’t know if you’ve read the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, but I keep thinking we are here –

  2. Anne Maliborski

    Father, I just read the Book of Daniel last night, and I was curious about the numbers in Chapter 12. The 1,290 days that the daily sacrifice is abolished and abomination……….. But then it says that we will have to persevere for 1,335 days. So what will happen in the 45 days (extra) between the time of abolishing/ abomination and the length of time to get to patience and perseverence of 1,335 days?

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