Fr George are you still a papist? Complicated questions, complicated answers…

Yes, but… it’s complicated… but not really… I’ve been offering Sunday scheduled parish Masses in the parish church with the intention of the Masses for Pope Francis being announced, you know, publicly, even in the form of Mass called the TLM, you know, after 16 July 2021. Yes, I’m still a papist, but… it’s complicated… but not really…

  1. All of us together will stand before Him whom we have all pierced, men of every tribe and tongue and people and nation. All of us deserve hell because of original sin and, all things being equal, our own rubbish sin. Don’t ever, ever put priests or any bishops, including the bishop of Rome, the Supreme Pontiff, on some sort of pedestal constituted by ultramontanist exclamations that because of ordination. Peter (only much later), Saint Peter, denied the Christ our God three times after having spent, mind you, 24/7/365 with Jesus Himself, for three years.
  2. Did Pope Francis effectively deny Jesus on 27 October 2019 when he caused to be enthroned the demon-idol Pachamama on the Papal Altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica which altar above the relics of Saint Peter is consecrated for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Yes, he did.
  3. Did Pope Francis effectively deny Jesus on 16 July 2021 when he caused an immemorial rite of Holy Mass providing us with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to be dethroned from consecrated altars in consecrated churches and wrongfully, objectively sinfully effectively thrown into a river much as the demon-idol Pachamama was thrown into the Tiber River ever so justifiably by Alexander Tschugguel? Yes, he did.
  4. Did Pope Francis deny the Body of Christ in innumerable ways with forced ambiguity and bullying causing horrific scandal to the demise of innumberable souls? Yes, he did.
  5. Can he turn around and repent as did Peter? Yes, he can. So, it is for us to also pray for him that he does repent. If we write off his soul, assisting him to go to hell, we also send ourselves to hell, for in claiming that it is impossible for anyone to be saved we say that sin is more powerful than our Redemption in Christ Jesus, more powerful than any salvation in Christ Jesus to which, all things being equal, we might just assent in Jesus’ grace. So, I pray for Pope Francis, I mention his name at Holy Mass, and, like I say, I offer Mass for him, for his conversion.

Some objections…

  1. If you pray for Pope Francis that means that you absolutely agree with every last private thought and flatulence of his entirely unrepeatable non-universal person. /// No, that’s stupid. That would be to say that that when we ask for Immaculate Mary’s intercession – Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us SINNERS – that Mary instead is actually complicit in our sin, you know, because she prayed for us. To hold that is rather demonic.
  2. If you pray for Pope Francis that means that you actually think that he is a valid reigning Supreme Pontiff, the Successor of Saint Peter. /// No, that’s not true either. I just withhold judgement, though not in the sense of “Who am I to judge”, but rather because I wasn’t in the room when any electioneering, if any, was going on, something that would, in fact, cancel any would-be validity of any positive outcome for that person in any conclave. Etc., etc., etc. Even if he is an anti-Pope, and malicious on top of that, all the more he needs conversion, right? And that conversion, wrought by sanctifying grace, for total contrition, much like that of Peter, would give great glory to God. I have no idea whether Pope Francis is actually any kind of successor to Pope Benedict, or whether Pope Benedict is still Pope. I just don’t know. All the more do we need to pray.
  3. I have never even once defended anything evil or ambiguous of Pope Francis. Indeed, I’ve attacked those things very openly. I’m no ultramontanist. If I say that he does objectively very evil things, that is not to judge him subjectively, as he is before God. No. I don’t have the beatific vision, the Standard of Goodness, if you will. Therefore, how can I know where he personally stands before God. You don’t have the beatific vision either. Cynicism and bitterness cause one to combine what we see presented on the outside with what is going on inside someone’s soul. That means that we are exasperated to the point of giving up. And that is bad and evil for us.

Please God, I will be a good son of the Church, a Catholic, believing, participating in the sacraments until I die and go before Jesus. Please God that Jesus and His Blessed Mother will have mercy on my wretched soul and allow me to be welcomed into heaven by the souls I have been able to assist through the years to leave purgatory and enter heaven. Please God I will be able to thank Jesus and Mary in heaven, rejoicing also that there are many souls in heaven who converted in their dying breath, even without the sacraments, and, although in purgatory until the end of the world, will also enter into heaven. Yes. So… Hail Mary…

[[ To put it simply: to be a papist is not to engage in papolatry, or better, to engage in papolatry is not only not to be papist, but it is to engage in self-promotion. ]]


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3 responses to “Fr George are you still a papist? Complicated questions, complicated answers…

  1. Liz

    Thank you, Father George, for putting into words how I feel about it all. I remember Fr. Gordon saying something about people feeling “unease” about Pope Francis and I remember thinking that was how I felt too. That was many years ago, and it’s more than unease now but you have said it well. I will keep praying for him, and the whole Church in these hard times especially for all of the good priests out there fighting so hard for us. God bless you!

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    For many, many years, I have said “The Morning Offering.” The prayer ends with the words, ” and for this month’s intentions of Our Holy Father, the Pope. I have not prayed for the Pope’s Intentions since Pope Francis took the chair of Saint Peter. Instead I pray for the salvation of his soul.

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