Pius XII and Father George

This Zucchetto, Skullcap, Kippah, Yarmulke, whatever you want to call it, belonged to Pope Pius XII. It was provided to certain people after a private audience with his Holiness way back in the day, before I was born. That’s them in the picture, and if you can read the document above, there are wonderful best wishes for them from the Venerable Successor of Peter. Its sewn to the backing of a professionally constructed shadow box (with its cloth container) obviously for display in a church or museum. These days, no one gives a hoot, and it was rescued from the outgoing trash by great young man and given to yours truly. [And, no, I didn’t take it out to put it on, yet, anyway!]

The Venerable Pope Pius XII is very much venerated by this Catholic priest for very many things:

  • In the scene above, Pius raises his arms to the heavens in prayer against the bombing of Rome while the bombs were falling around him and the crowd. Immediately behind him is the ancient Basilica of Saint Lawrence (fuori le mura), whose roof was destroyed by the bombs. No coward, he.
  • Pius saved more Jews during the onslaught of the Nazis that all others in the world put together. He was praised for this by all Jews and Jewish groups around the world until someone some hateful idiot called him Hitler’s Pope. Then all of Judaism turned against him, saying he didn’t speak up. With the opening of the archives, what we’re finding is that all that he did behind the scenes also in his quiet maneuverings were consistent with saving the Jews. Always. Knee-jerk reaction haters, instead, emotionally say he should have been shrieking from the loggia of Saint Peters. But I know someone whose idiot father did this in a small town on the French-German border, just yelling and screaming about it until nightfall, doing nothing to help the Jews escape, but only condemning the Nazis. He had been told that morning if he didn’t complain the non-Jews would survive. The Nazis returned that evening and killed everyone. Pius XII knew exactly what he was doing, and saved Jews. I love that.
  • Pius XII wrote a great deal about the Mystical Body of Christ, which I read as a teenager, and it changed my life. He wrote Humani generis, which sealed me fighting the good fight. On and on, but…
  • What I most like about Pius XII is that that after consulting my fellow biblical “scholars” about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Body and Soul, into heaven, in 1948, even after getting terribly mocked by them, he forged ahead, rightly, and infallibly pronounced on the doctrine of the Assumption in 1950, that this truth, always believed in by the Church, is present in Sacred Revelation. This was extremely encouraging to me in my own studies on Genesis 3:15. The politics surrounding these chapters in Genesis are about enough to scare anyone to death. Pius XII is my hero whose example I strive to follow in my own unrepeatable circumstance of the Lord’s providence.

Perhaps just my imagination, but reception of this “relic” if we can call it that at this point in time, was like a visit from heaven, a personal visit, from this dear Successor of Saint Peter.


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8 responses to “Pius XII and Father George

  1. Thank you, Father for your comments on Pius XI2. I remember when I was a small child, going into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and seeing a life size figure (I think it was wax, but not sure) of Pope Pius XI2 , dressed in his papal dress, in a big glass case. As a child, it made a big impression on me and I’m hoping that God soon brings about the success of his cause for sainthood. Maybe he is a good one to pray to for the state of the church these days.

  2. Nan

    How perfect that someone rescued the shadowbox and contents! I’m so glad it got to someone who appreciates it.

  3. Anne Maliborski

    What an amazing gift, meant for you. I feel holier just gazing at it. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    Father, I am so very happy for you. This is a wonderful gift from God. I was twelve years old when the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) returned to his Heavenly Father. He is a shining soul among the great Popes of all time: Gregory the Great, Leo the Great, Pius IX, Pius x, Leo XIII, and Pius XI. The latter few are constantly mocked and belittled by the “little dogs” of our day. He has no need of us, or even titles granted by the Church, but we have an urgent need for people like him. I could go on about that little Nazi worm who wrote The Deputy, and about Monsignor Montini that I read in contemporary biographies of Venerable Pius Xii, however…
    I am so happy that those relics of Venerable Pope Pius XII are with someone who will treasure them and treat them as they should be treated. I must admit that I am a bit envious, too. God bless you always, Father.

  5. Liz

    So cool, Father. God bless you and God bless the persons who got it, and the one who saved it! I have a friend who went to see St. Pius the XII during the war. He wasn’t Catholic and didn’t know much about Catholicism. He said the pope came out, I think for the Angelus, and he was all focused on his camera and trying to take a picture of him. He was shocked when everyone around him knelt for a blessing! He’s Catholic now. Aw, I’m glad you reminded me to pray for this veteran who has really suffered in this life. St. Pius the XII, pray for us.

    • Nan

      Your friend must’ve gone to see the Pope so he could get the message to become Catholic!

      • Liz

        I think he must have! It’s pretty neat to ponder. Also, it has me praying for him to Pius the XII as he is getting on in years and he really suffers. His name is Bob if you would like to say a Hail Mary for him! (I just said one for you too.)

  6. Joisy Goil

    I too, am glad that you got the rescued relic. There are no coincidences they say, so it seems this was meant to be.

    As for Pope XII working to rescue the Jews during WWII – I am not surprised that he worked that project in silence. It seems to be that was the smartest way to accomplish this important work. I too hope he is acknowledged as a Saint.

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