Mount Carmel Stations of the Cross acid attack & now videos hacked, cancelled

This is a remanant screen shot of a set of two videos I shot, edited and published about the Mount Carmel Discalced Carmelite Monastery (situated over the cave of Elijah) outdoor Stations of the Cross, which stretch along the top edge of the cliff-mountainside all along and high above the city of Haifa, Israel. I had thought of putting up the videos last Friday morning (it being Friday), but I got distracted by the idiocy that is going on in society and the Church. My guardian angel had been very insistent: “Check on those videos! Put them up now! Do it now! NOW!”

But I didn’t. I am ever the recalcitrant Styrofoam-brained non-listener to my Guardian Angel. Or is it that I hear him loud and clear, but blow off what he has to say to me? The latter.

Meanwhile, last Friday night, like clockwork, I got a distressed email alerting me to the fact that the videos have disappeared. My heart sank instantly and my stomach started churning, until now, actually. I knew it was true because of sinking feeling about those videos earlier in the day.

I then checked on my private – locked-down – YouTube upload-archive. Those videos are gone, cancelled. Those were the only videos that were disappeared, executed, acid-attacked. And there were much more controversial wonderful videos on that locked-down page. Only these two were erased.

Those were such beautiful, though heart-wrenching videos. They document the acid attack.

Already 12 years ago, I lived for a month atop the Cave of Elijah on Mount Carmel at the invitation of the Discalced Carmelites. I was told all hush hush who the culprits of the acid attacks on the Stations of the Cross were back in the day, the whole lot of it, eye-witness descriptions of them (unmistakable), how they entered the dangerously steep and fenced in areas.

As the years have gone by, the culprits are now very likely high up on the computer freakness scale, you know, with access to all-access computers, and wanted any evidence of their crimes of yesteryear to disappear, it now not being politically correct for them to have had such a past.

But by this very fact they leave a trail that can be followed. ;-)

But, I perhaps shouldn’t complain too much. They now have full access to everything Google of mine:

  • My YouTube private page
  • WordPress, this blog, hosted by now parent company Google and its server farms
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps (real-time)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Search
  • Google Translate … et alii …

At any rate, my life is always the open book. I don’t care. But I dislike that religious videos are being discourteously cancelled by cowards who, if I met them in real life, would run away. But, whatever. I have a life outside of cyberspace.

And I want to go to heaven. I’m saddened for those who will no longer be able to view those videos.


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4 responses to “Mount Carmel Stations of the Cross acid attack & now videos hacked, cancelled

  1. sanfelipe007

    I lament the loss of those videos, too. Now the the TLM is to be suppressed by an executive order, um, I mean motu proprio, how much longer before the Rosary becomes “problematic” and declared divisive?

  2. Dianna

    I am sorry for that Fr George. Soon, these demon forces will realize you cannot cancel God. God bless you.

  3. Aussie Mum

    “And I want to go to heaven. I’m saddened for those who will no longer be able to view those videos.”
    Me too.

  4. Catherine

    This is devastating news!! I checked my favourite links accessing these holy videos and yes…they are gone. They have been removed. Oh Father, I am so sorry.

    We were kind of expecting that things like this were going to happen these days. The demons are running rough shod over us presently, especially, with our Church in crisis and our leaders opening the door to the demonic. Shame. We in Canada are having our places of worship being burned to the ground, graffitied, statues hacked to pieces and being told by our government not to receive holy communion on the tongue, mask up, no singing, no sitting with one another and make an appointment if you want to attend Mass and Oh,.. let the church know what entrance you will be using when you enter and also the church removed our Holy Water. God must be rolling his eyes at the cruelty and stupidity of all of this.

    I guess there is no way of retrieving your precious videos? They are gone…kupt? In a way, I guess this is a warning to the rest of us that if you have something on line that you value, make a hard copy or if you can, save it.

    I had a strange thing happen to me the other day. My beautiful golden statue of an angel of many years, for no reason, fell off my shelf and broke. It was the same day that I received a wonderful prayerbook of Saint Michael, filled with prayers, novenas and stories of his apparitions over the years. I have a feeling that ol’ hairy legs got jealous and may be throwing down the gauntlet. I have no intention of engaging him but I am focusing on enlisting the help of St. Michael, my guardian angel and the angels.

    I watched the other videos you posted earlier, Father George. Yes… we need to keep rattling those prayer beads. It looks like more storm clouds ahead. Praying for you Father George. Thank you for all that you do for us. God bless you and all here!


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