Traditionis Custodes: Müller & Burke

Start at 3 min 14 secs to 22:00

For the record.

It’s Müller’s comments on “lex orandi” that made me understand the enormity of the situation. More on that latter, please God.


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4 responses to “Traditionis Custodes: Müller & Burke

  1. sanfelipe007

    As I understand it, lex orandi (the way the church prays) becomes lex credendi )the way the church believes). That this latest Mutu Propio wants the declare the novus ordo as the lex orandi, and exclude the ancient rite; well it doesn’t work that way. To attempt this is to introduce a real break in the continuity of the liturgy.
    My understanding is that of a child, who knew the original parents, who suffered a loss of one parent, with the remaining parent re-marrying (let’s call the new parent the novus ordo) then the remaining original parent being thrown over ( by the latest motu propio) for a new parent (who would be, I guess, the “spirit of vatican 2”), and now I, and my siblings are to acknowledge this new set of parents as those who must be honored. Am I far off the mark?

  2. Aussie Mum

    The Holy Spirit has been shockingly abused for the past 60 years, His identity stolen to attack the Church. The “Spirit of Vatican II” was not that of the Holy Spirit, and such anti-Christ / anti-Church machinations powerfully emanating today from the top of the Church’s hierarchy continue to use His “shadow” (false identity) as cover. I feel near the end of my tether when the Church in Australia claims to be receiving a new direction from the Holy Spirit as He speaks through “the faithful” (non-Catholics, pagans and atheists included) to the bishops of our 5th Plenary Council. But then comes this video Father posted above … perhaps the tide is turning at last.

    Vatican II was purposely misinterpreted by the blasphemous Spirit of Vatican II with horrible results (sacrileges, confusion, division …) but such machinations come undone when Truth is rediscovered. The following saying comes to mind: “Give them (in this case, the machinators) enough rope (enough opportunity) and they will hang themselves (destroy their own evil plans / their life’s work).” Is Traditionis custodes “the rope” that God will use to bring a more pronounced re-examination of Vatican II documents, ending the sacrileges and removing the confusion and divisions presently so rife in the Church? I hope so.

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