Vatican Bank sent first response to their investigation of me for money laundering & financing of international terrorism

just me pontifical family

That’s a real picture above, though taken as a joke. Those involved will recognize the office. See the “About” page on the menu up top. Below is a screen shot of my first response to their investigation of me:

This post was also tagged as “Humor” not because this isn’t a thing, but because when I mentioned this rubbish after all the Sunday Masses for a bit of humor, the congregation laughed and laughed: Father George, the international criminal! Ooooh! :-)

There is a darker side to all of this, all too sad. That’s why I’ve included those other tags of this post.

Here’s a link to a post earlier in the day for some just as humorous background:

Vatican Bank: Fr George do you launder money and help terrorists?

For me, this is all entertainment, who can bait the other with more alacrity. So far, I think I’m winning. Let’s see if they send me a name. Then it will get interesting, and more humorous. Otherwise, I suppose they will merely freeze the account, you know, probably to take the money for money laundering and the financing of international terrorism.


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2 responses to “Vatican Bank sent first response to their investigation of me for money laundering & financing of international terrorism

  1. Catherine

    Good morning Father George!

    I don’t know why but as I was reading this, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” flashed in my mind. It was the scene where the Grinch was about to go up the chimney with a bag full of Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, dinner, etc., everything that he stole. It was bulging, being full with all that symbolized the celebration of Christmas in Christian homes. The only thing left was a little mouse who was about to retrieve his speck of cheese. But that greedy Grinch reaches down and snatches that morsel of cheese away from the little mouse using his finger tips. That thief took everything.

    These people are bad with a big “B”. Keeping you in my prayers. God bless you Father!


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