SheepDog: Police Tribute. Why this priest posts law enforcement, military tributes.

If you look at a crucifix, you can watch this short video, right? Loyalty to all that is good gets me choked up, every time. That’s just one reason among many for me to put up tributes like this with some frequency. But The Reason is that this is the kind of dedication to all that is holy that I would like to see among my fellow priests, among the bishops. It is rare. I encourage more of it. As Thomas the Apostle said, “Let’s go to die with Him!” Yes. Let’s go to die for the Living Truth, our Creator, who is Love, our Way, our Life.

Is that to say that I’m dissing my fellow priests and any bishops? Not at all. Here’s the deal: All the Apostles ran away from Christ Jesus. I would have done the same, guaranteed. John came back. Would that I could be with John next to the Blessed Mother, next to Jesus. Would that all of priests and bishops could be John. Get it? Is that a good thing to say, like, I mean, out loud and everything? Yes. It is.


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3 responses to “SheepDog: Police Tribute. Why this priest posts law enforcement, military tributes.

  1. pelerin

    I have just watched the funeral of a French Priest who was indeed Holy and described as a Martyr for Charity. Fr Olivier Maire was Superior of the Montforians. He took in and gave refuge to a man who was accused of setting fire to the Cathedral of Nantes. This same person beat him to death on Monday …..

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Absolute perfection is found only in God. We, His creation, can only strive to gain our salvation in fear and trembling as St. Pau says. Are the police perfect? No Are some evil. Yes, just as the rest of humanity. The vast majority, though are honest, caring and dutiful to their position in a thankless, dangerous job. This video is a graphic reminder of what we owe to our law enforcement officers who, literally, put their lives on the line to protect us. God bless the men in blue.

  3. Liz

    I watched it. It was extremely difficult. We pray for the police, but not enough. Thank you, Father.

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