Meanwhile, IOR, Vatican Bank…

I’ve yet to continue with my series on Vatican Bank. I’ve yet to publicly “confess” any “money laundering” and any “financing of international terrorism.”

Meanwhile, I got a letter from the IOR (Vatican Bank). I thought it might a hard-copy of what they had sent out multiple time previously by email concerning the above possible crimes with threats of freezing any accounts for non-compliance. As expected, there’s something else going on. The letter includes graphs and shovel loads of attorney speak to hint that they are going into the red, which is not good for a bank. For instance:

  • “Proposta di variazione unilaterale delle Condizioni di Contratto con decorrenza 1 ottobre 2021.” (Proposal [=imposition] of unilaterally effected changes to the Conditions of Contract beginning 1 October 2021).
  • “In questo periodo storico, la gestione della liquidità e diventata strutturalmente negativa.” (In this period of time, the management of liquidities has become structurally negative.”)

So, what do you do? Put the Vatican up for sale? No, no. What they’re going to do is to reduce any “interest” paid into accounts, even to the point of removing funds from accounts. They take money from you for taking money from you.

This is getting tiring. I think I’ll just have them do a transfer of funds into my bank account here in North Carolina, you know, before 1 October 2021.

Meanwhile, there’s an interesting date on that letter considering the trial at exactly this time of someone indicted for multiple crimes, including fraud for – what was it? – something like 412 million dollars. To be continued.

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  1. Gina Nakagawa

    The institutional Church is perfect, because her Founder is Perfection itself. Sadly, especially in these days her putative adherents are far, far, far less than perfect because…

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