Pope Francis: Commandments not Absolutes

This photoshop by a trad website, making Francis a Lutheran and doubting my ordination with scare-quotes around “Fr.”, comes from years ago. I still laugh at the apoplectic friend of mine who took this picture out at the hermitage. He was cursing his camera for putting a sheen radiating from the Mass vestments and insisted, rightly, mind you, that the picture was giving the wrong impression altogether. I agree. Lol.

This came to mind when, early this morning, feeding the dogs and cleaning up the kitchen, I was listening to another Taylor Marshal video. This one is particularly good. I think I have iterated in hyperbolic multiples the points he makes, one after another, in so many homilies right through the years, through the decades. This also made me laugh out loud, for joy. Well, done, Doctor.

Way back in the day, when writing an extensive commentary on justification, comparing all that which is Luther and the Catholic Church for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, you know, right through the being-refined-“documents”, I mentioned that I was doing this – I think at the coffee-bar at the Gregorian University in Rome, and this to someone in the “In-Crowd” of ecumenical dialogue – it is then that such a power-person took two steps back, totally making a show of squaring-off with me, glaring at me hard, gaining attention of those in that rather large coffee-bar, declaring to me in the loudest stop-the-show stage whispers possible:

  • “You will never be a member of an ecumenical commission. We will never invite you. You are against everything that we are doing. How dare you!? Get with the Church. Sentire cum ecclesia!”

Sometimes there are events like this that you have to simply let hang in the air without a response, since the very declaration of such a person is that person’s own incrimination, hanging themselves. Yep. It was and is to lol… :-)

Yes, well, I indeed have much more to say about this, and I’m sure Taylor has much more to say about this, but I’ll let his video speak for me, for now. Good job, Taylor. Keep up the good work.

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