Pope Francis: “Getting vaccinated is an act of love” [except for the unborn murdered to get the vaccines]

The morality about murdering the innocent for one’s own benefit isn’t rocket science. It’s self-evident. It’s murder. Murder is a mortal sin. A mortal sin makes you lose sanctifying grace. No sanctifying grace means you go to hell, forever. And you know what this also means: it means don’t go to Holy Communion if you’ve gotten the vaccine and haven’t entirely repented of this and gone to Sacramental Confession. “Entirely repented” means that you have the firm purpose of amendment not to get more murder-the-babies vaccines.

What’s the typical hypocrisy itterated by ecclesiastics?

  • “The believer today bears no moral culpability should they receive a vaccine connected to such cell lines, such as AstraZeneca, though some Catholics will prefer the Pfizer vaccine on the basis that it is the less morally compromised.”

“Less morally compromised?” How’s that? The babies don’t think there’s any difference at all. They’re all dead. Dead is dead. Deadness comes about with research and/or development and/or testing of vaccines that depend on any or all of these stages on the murder of absolutely healthy, absolutely fully developed babies whose organs are ripped out of them in laboratory sterile conditions as the babies are being removed by caesarian section. It’s all purposed murder for the big bucks.

This is not hard to understand. What makes the eyes of ecclesiastics glaze over? Is it the “power” of the murder of the innocent helpless least of the brethren? Dunno. Demonic “power”-adrenaline is a powerful drug.

P.S. I’m criticized by ecclesiastics who say that I criticize Pope Francis. I don’t criticize his person, just what he says and what he does. I pray for him. I add his name to the intercessions. I insert his name in the Eucharistic Prayer. I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for him, frequently and, I bet, much more frequently that those who shriek that I criticize Francis.

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One response to “Pope Francis: “Getting vaccinated is an act of love” [except for the unborn murdered to get the vaccines]

  1. What Francis says and what he does come from what he has allowed himself to become as a person, from choices he has made in his personal and spiritual life about his relationship with Jesus and with the Church. So, I don’t have a problem with criticizing him, in all Christian charity, for what he has allowed himself to become – someone who is because of his role as pope, leading many, many people into sin and away from the Church. And I do pray for him, for his conversion, for his salvation. God have mercy on him and on Cardinal Cupich and on the other high ecclesiastical office holders who are leading people astray!

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