Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Just use honey, edition)

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, with the point being to kill as many flies as possible.

But, of course, there are some who think that it’s not about playing on the instincts of the flies. Instead, it’s all about obliterating them all by brute force. Attracting to kill is a show of weakness. Just kill ’em all!

However, if you put out honey, killing the flies, you might also at the same time and in the same way attract honey bees, and that will be good all around for everyone and everything. And it makes for lots of pollinated flowers for the Immaculate Conception.

The “just kill ’em all!” crowd – if they would just take a breath – might see that what they thought were flies were actually honey bees, which help them, nourish them, make life sweet for them. “NO! JUST KILL ‘EM ALL!” Sigh.

I might have added some appropriate categories and tags to this post, just enough to get killed. All for you, Mary, you who stood under the Cross when the Lord of the Flies was attacking your sweet Son, who will, of course, come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.


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5 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Just use honey, edition)

  1. Not all flies are negative or useless – some pollinate, too. And God gave flies an incredible system of aerodynamics to use in flight, the complexity of which is truly astounding. And then there was the Irish saint (I forget his name) who supposedly had a pet fly that used to keep his place for him when he was reading scripture. And then there are the flies that are copycats of bees and look very much like them – they are beautiful too, in their own little way.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless and protect those “fly priests” who offer the Mass of the Ages.

  3. anne maliborski

    We LOVE our TLM !!! When the Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope smash down our good and holy priests who celebrate the Holy Sacrifice in any form, they smash down all of the faithful parishioners as well.

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