TLM homily on Jesus and His Mother with me at the point of tears. Sorry. I’m weak.

The only-begotten son of a widowed mother in Nain raised from the dead by Jesus is the Gospel for the 15th Sunday after Pentecost in the liturgical calendar of the Traditional Mass. The readings were done in Latin at the altar of Sacrifice, translations were read after that. Then the homily. Sorry for the pauses. I get emotional in my old age.

Hint: this post should have been a flower for the Immaculate Conception. This is not my usual rant. As I explain at the end, sometimes it’s just good to behold the goodness and kindness of Jesus. I learn while I preach. The analogy with Jesus’ good mother got me in the heart, which jumped into my throat and got me choked up.

I love all the signs of life in the growing congregation, more young families than ever.


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5 responses to “TLM homily on Jesus and His Mother with me at the point of tears. Sorry. I’m weak.

  1. nancyv

    Soothing words…just what the Great Physician ordered! Thank you. I will be remembering this in the days to come. The hammer keeps pounding.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Amen, Father! But I bed to differ – it sounds just like your other rants that are grounded in love. Sometimes tough love and sometimes tender love. But love just the same. And this is not the first time the audio captured the sound of your heart in your throat.

    By the way, Sunday our celebrant was the diocesan director for vocations, During his homily, he made a pitch to the parents about not opposing a possible vocatio in their son, that there were gifts in store for them (as you know). Literal gifts.

    The mother is given the towel used to wipe off the Sacred Chrism from the new Priest’s hands, while the Father is given the stole the new Priest used to hear his first confession. Followed by the story that would always result in “waterworks.”

    Upon the death of the parents, they will meet God who will say, I gave my only begotten Son for the life of the Church. What have you given to the Church? The parents will show the stole and towel and reply
    “We, too, gave our son.”

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