Today’s the day: CCSO appointment

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All that fun was a while back out at the now sold-off hermitage. However, last time I was out the timings and accuracy were still up to muscle memory par. All that’s necessary, but…

What’s most important for the lawful and prudent exercise of the 2nd amendment is a good spiritual life, lots of friends, lots of involvement with the wildly varying community at large, just wanting to do good for one’s neighbor, lots of involvement also with honest peers. Moreover…

It’s necessary to have ever sharpening skill sets regarding situational awareness, which skills, mind you, have their emphasis on noticing and evaluating circumstances so that if there are indicators of any kind of trouble you have already mapped out your extraction from that situation and have already become at the ready to take steps in de-escalation.

Just my opinion, but I wish more would be presented for newbies on situational awareness and de-escalation for any required courses for concealed carry. There are plenty of books and articles about this, plenty of situational training sessions in which one can participate. The USCCA is great for this. I’m a member of that.

I’m always amazed (I shouldn’t be) at the mentions of having one’s spiritual life in order as a sine qua non for carrying, having gotten it straight in mind and soul and spirit what it means to be in a position whereby one might end the threat of someone already delivering deadly aggression on yourself as a non-aggressor or on other non-aggressors.


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2 responses to “Today’s the day: CCSO appointment

  1. joisy goil

    You make this look like fun.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Having one’s spiritual life in order, yes, absolutely! Is situational awareness also a perishable skill?

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