Mel Gibson on cancelled priests, Viganò, Vatican II & weirdness of some insisting on not speaking truth


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7 responses to “Mel Gibson on cancelled priests, Viganò, Vatican II & weirdness of some insisting on not speaking truth

  1. Aussie Mum

    Mel Gibson mentions Archbishop Vigano speaking of “a parallel, counterfeit church to eclipse the real one”.
    Father Julio Meinvielle (1905-1973), an Argentinian priest from Buenos Aires also spoke of the possibility of a parallel false church. He wrote, “There could be two churches: one in public view, a Church magnified in propaganda, with well-advertised bishops, priests, and theologians … and another Church, a church of silence … This second church would be the Church of the promises, while the other defects or apostatizes. The same pope could preside both churches that would appear to be one in appearance. The pope, with his ambiguous attitudes, would validate the confusion …”.
    The whole article is short and well worth reading. I don’t know much about Father Meinvielle but what he is quoted as saying seems to fit our present situation.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Thank you, Aussie Mum. That piece brought to mind the parable of the two sons. But it is actually worse; it is the story of Cain and Able all over again! What part did their father play? I think it depended on who each son called father.

    Today I wonder who Francis calls mother. The Mother of God and her divine son; an attack on one is an attack on the other.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Mel Gibson has always been a man to march to his own drum. This time, however, he is definitely on the right path.

  4. joisy goil

    I always wondered what happened to the many priests who disappeared after Vatican council II. When we asked we were told they left because they wanted to be allowed to marry.

    Somehow that didn’t seem true to me. I knew some of these priests and did not consider them to be chomping at the bit to be allowed to marry. Most of them seemed to be quite the opposite – devout and authentic in their faith which they displayed.

    A lot of Sisters disappeared too. If anyone asked about them we were met with stony silence or denial of even knowing them.

  5. Halil

    Thank you Mel. You are doing something good

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