Cancelled priests. Humor, however sad.

In speaking with Father Gordon MacRae the other day:

  • Father George:The Coalition for Catholic Priests just held a rally in Chicago.”
  • Father Gordon: “I think they call it the Coalition for Cancelled Priests.”
  • Father George: “I think that’s the same thing.”
  • Father Gordon: “Hahaha! That’s right!”


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5 responses to “Cancelled priests. Humor, however sad.

  1. Liz

    Ha ha…it is sad though. We say an extra Hail Mary daily for suffering priests…sometimes I mention a name or two but then end up saying something like “all of them” or “all of the good ones.”

  2. sanfelipe007

    There must be a book in there, somewhere, Father. My conversations with a Saint. Either of you could write it. Both of you could deny it.

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