Unvaxed priests can’t give Last Rites in Lexington Diocese

☦ (@johnamonaco) Tweeted: This past weekend, @BpStowe of Lexington made the cathedral’s deacon announce that the pastor & vicar aren’t vaccinated, that people may choose to not attend their Masses, & that these two priests are not allowed to visit the sick, the homebound, or the dying. https://t.co/vFvE4VLbYc https://twitter.com/johnamonaco/status/1437465923850547208?s=20


Talk about moral injury against the priests…

Talk about spiritual injury against laity…

If the bishop lays dying will he want the Last Rites if there is only an unvaxed priest?


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7 responses to “Unvaxed priests can’t give Last Rites in Lexington Diocese

  1. Anne Maliborski

    Bishop never heard that vaccinated priests can carry the virus too, apparently. I hope these two dear priests who are being publicly “shamed” think of our Lord on the Cross, being publicly shamed.

  2. sanfelipe007

    He’ll give himself last rites and hear his own confession.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    I am sure that the “good bishop” and the deacon plan to care for the needs of Christ’s flock all by themselves. What dedication and compassion!!!!

  4. Aussie Mum

    I have been fearing this happening and that such actions will spread world-wide, and grow to include a ban on all sacraments given by and/or to the unvaccinated. I hope and pray this madness stops before it goes any further.

  5. Joisy Goil

    Question: If we are to judge by their fruits, can we trust these shepherds in any case? Are their consecrations valid? Are their blessings holy? Are even the ‘elect’ being led astray by these men of ‘faith’ (tic)
    I remember being told that one day we would have to attend mass in secret – that priests would have to pretend to be craftsmen (plumbers or electricians) to enter someone’s home to celebrate mass.
    I didn’t think this would ever happen in my lifetime – Now, I get the shivers thinking about it.

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