I think there’s a great again meme in there

These billboards are all over Pennsylvania, and will remain up for a couple of months. They were put up by former Republican state senator Scott Wagner. Good on Scott Wagner.

So, continuing meme, how about…

You get the idea.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all of it. I’m sick of individuals who betray these U.S.A. I’m sick of individuals in the Church who betray Christ Jesus. I’m sick.

But, enough of that. That’s just me being weak and useless.

I should be enthusiastic, joyful to live in these times. What a privilege to live in these times. Thank you Jesus.

So how about something like this…

That portrait of Saint Thomas More as Chancellor of England under King Henry VIII always had pride of place in the law offices of my dad.


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4 responses to “I think there’s a great again meme in there

  1. Tom Schott


  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Absolutely love that third meme!!

  3. Dianna

    How about “God is still on the throne.” I am sure God must hurt sometimes at our lack of faith. I have also had to be more peaceful as I get older. I think we have all become desensitized to the evil we see. Its everywhere, everyday. I still give my views on things, just clench my teeth and pray more.

  4. nancy v

    I’m sick of being sick too and am making it my aim to follow Mary as she stays with Jesus, silently and steadily. I think we all have alot to gain from learning “the Native way” Nicholas Black Elk. Putting people down is getting old. I am becoming a peacenik in my old age. Anywho, love you Fr George David Byers!

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