Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (persecution is darkest when…, ed.)

Stupidly, I mentioned to another priest the horrific persecutions this past century has witnessed. He immediately corrected my stupidity, no matter the hundreds of millions murdered by communist cruelty that I had recounted. It’s likely that they will be on their way to heaven, he said, but that’s not necessarily the case when the persecution is actually the darkest, such as we have here in these U.S.A.

He explained what Sacred Scripture has to say about the most terrible persecution, the proliferation of pastors who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who fatten themselves by their own destruction of the Little Flock. Evil pastors, priests and bishops, who are running breakneck into hell and making sure that the sheep run with them into hell constitute, in view of each soul and in view of eternity, the worst persecution, bringing souls to hell for eternity.

This was brought to my attention another way after the Vigil Mass last night. A couple all the way from Florida thanked me profusely for my homily. I tried to get out of it, pointing to my guardian angel but they continued to insist. My homilies are ever so mediocre, and to have them hailed as being so good doesn’t reflect on the homilies so much but to the fact that there are so many who are apostate heretic wolves in sheep’s clothing who have nothing whatsoever to say in their homilies that will be an occasion for the Lord’s Little flock to be brought closer to Jesus. No matter what I say, it will be better than what the wolves have to howl on about. That’s scary. In any other time, my homilies would be seen to be the mediocrity that they are. Yikes!

Meanwhile, one of the last Jasmine flowers for you, Mary. You survey all the hell into which this world runs. But the cross shines out brightly in the darkness. The Lord’s Little Flock overlooks the ineptitude of non-wolf shepherds if there is any effort whatsoever to point to the cross in the midst of the darkness. They notice the cross, and then the one standing next to the cross, you, O Mary. So a Jasmine cross for you.

The last of the October Beans were harvested the other day. It’s not even October! Organic gardening has it’s weirdnesses for sure. It being this late in the season these flowers had no chance of turning into beans. Everything is pulled up now. There are plenty to plant this next year, ensuring lot’s more flowers for the Immaculate Conception. Just my opinion, but we will need plenty of flowers to give to Mary as time marches on. Just my nsho, but times will get much worse before they get better, much darker better lightening up. More on that later. Meanwhile, these for you, Mary, while we can.

No idea what these small purple flowers are. They’ve been growing in a planter bucket discarded from the outside of the church and now next to the rectory for many years. They’re quite small. Unobtrusive. Just super stubborn. They will continue to churn out flowers for the Immaculate Conception in the worst of circumstances. Incredible. A good occasion for an examination of conscience on the state of my own soul in these dark times. Giving flowers to the Immaculate Conception isn’t so much about any of us giving flowers to Mary, is it? No. Jesus provided the flowers for us to give to His dear mother. Then it’s not so dark anymore.


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5 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (persecution is darkest when…, ed.)

  1. pelerin

    I remember attending Mass in the Upper Basilica in Lourdes some years ago when you apologised that your homily was going to be in English. I did wonder whether I would be the only one in the congregation who would be able to understand you as I was there when few English people go due to the summer heat. During the fortnight around the 15th August you rarely hear a word of English spoken there.

  2. Aussie Mum

    As the saying goes, it’s darkest before the dawn. The dawn – the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – will be glorious when it comes. In the meantime, “non-wolf shepherds” light our way through the thickening darkness to bring us safely home … we are very blessed.

  3. Dear Father George

    I had a vision recently of being in the eye of a hurricane, where it was relatively peaceful. Then, I noticed that the leading edge (which has passed) was much smaller than the trailing edge, which is coming on us now.

    Great piles of manure are converging on fan blades.

    God Bless You.

    Michael Brandon

  4. Joisy Goil

    I think the purple flowers are petunias.
    I wish all pastors would give such “mediocre” homilies. A lot of people have to listen to thinly veiled political dissertations every weekend.

  5. It’s always been the littlest flowers that I’ve loved the best – they are the most intricate, the most powerful, the most beautiful, and they are the ones most people don’t see – but what a treasure they are if you get down and really look at them- and pollinators do love them, too.

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