Vax for Sacraments: Zeig mir deinen Ausweis! Coward (arch)bishops vs Mafiosi. Humor. So sad.

From the website of the Archdiocese of Moncton: COVID-19: GREEN phase: September 17th 2021 Update

Beginning Wednesday Sep 22nd, at any gathering inside our churches, rectories or community centres under our supervision, those present must be doubly vaccinated. By gatherings we mean: religious celebrations (Sunday and weekly masses, prayer meetings, baptisms, weddings and funerals, Confirmation, First Reconciliation, First Communion), parish and pastoral meetings, catechesis meetings, management meetings, conferences, workshops, fraternal and social meetings, bingos, card games, etc. By those present we mean: priests, lay ministers, members of choirs, volunteers, the faithful and other participants. This also applies to family members or close friends at baptisms, weddings, or funerals. Young people under the age of 12 are naturally exempted by this measure, as they cannot currently be vaccinated. How can these measures be put in place?

  1. At Masses next week, several volunteers are expected to be at the doors of each church to ask worshippers for full proof of vaccination and collect their names on a list of fully vaccinated people. This list will be used again on subsequent Sundays so our volunteers will avoid asking our parishioners for proof of vaccination each time. The request for proof of vaccination would then be required only for new people. This list may eventually be requested by the government.
  2. Inform the funeral home staff that family members and loved ones who come to church are to be doubly vaccinated. For baptisms and weddings, this task will fall to the parish office staff or to the person meeting the family to prepare for the celebration. As with other masses and celebrations, it will be necessary to keep a list of participants in funerals, weddings and baptisms after ensuring that they are doubly vaccinated.
  3. For catechesis with children, we follow the rules in force in schools. For the safety of young people, catechists should be fully vaccinated. When parents (or another adult) attend the meetings, they will of course have to be doubly vaccinated. For a celebration in church, you will follow the rule in force now in our churches.
  4. As for parish employees, it is highly desirable that they be fully vaccinated. However, if this is not the case, they will have to wear a mask at all times and undergo a COVID test periodically according to government policy.
  5. We will accept anyone who comes to the parish offices for information or service. If this person is not vaccinated, they may be asked to wear a mask.

Questions: Can we still accept a person who is not vaccinated or has a single dose inside our facilities for a celebration or a meeting? Even with a mask and social distancing?
Answer: The minister said “no” unless she had proof of exemption, which is rare.

We ask you to implement these new measures in each of your Christian communities not only to respect the government’s request but above all to help stop the spread of the virus among our population. We would not want one of our places of worship to be the location of a COVID exposure due to our negligence. The Minister of Health is counting on our cooperation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you implement these new measures. I thank you in advance for all the efforts it requires to put in place this new protocol.

May the Lord bless us and continue to watch over us. — Mgr Valery Vienneau, Archbishop of Moncton


You are correct, your Grace, the Lord is watching you.

Dear readers, this kind of thing is happening multiple times a day right around the world and is coming to a(n) (arch)diocese near you.

In my little world, I think of immediately of the mafia. Lol. I’d like to see the coward bishops who insist on implementing these measures come to a baptism or wedding or funeral involving a mafia crime family and telling a capo or boss or any low-level enforcer that they are not allowed in the church, and that they have to show their identities. Do you think a cowardly bishop is going to threaten these guys by whispering at the entrance to a church to say, a mafia hitman, like, “I know where your family lives, where your children go to school…”

No, no. Ain’t gonna happen. If any (arch)bishop tries this, he’ll immediately disgustingly soil himself when the mafia hitman tells him ever so matter-of-factly what will happen forthwith unless any interference ceases. Lol.

Meanwhile, so very sad. Denying the Sacraments. And the Holy See doesn’t do anything. Because of that, it seems to me that those in the Holy See are using the likes of such (arch)bishops as test-the-waters cases. If they “get away with it” and they are, this will happen elsewhere, as is happening.

But, about that testing of the waters:

How are the waters, (arch)bishop?


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11 responses to “Vax for Sacraments: Zeig mir deinen Ausweis! Coward (arch)bishops vs Mafiosi. Humor. So sad.

  1. Paul

    Went to a burial for my wife’s uncle this weekend. The short eulogy said at the cemetery was completed by a Catholic deacon. Open air, no mask. The following day, (Sunday), we went to mass at 7:30 AM in Addison, IL. We were the only one’s without mask. When we went up to receive communion and met the priest he was wearing a mask and a full face clear shield. I was behind Anne and when I approached to receive i think the priest crapped in his pants. The alter servers were placing drops of some type of sanitizer on your hands just prior too and I said, no thanks. I didn’t even here the priest say, “the body of Christ” They have got these people so scared and intimidated with this bs that even the priest is convinced that he can control his date to meet our Lord by wearing a mask. I most likely would have refused the host if they would have placed some China made gobble goop on the priest hand prior to each serving of the host. The goobly goop is not part of the sacrifice and not consecrated. I’m sure Father George will lead me the right way, should this ever happen again. I’m not sure but I thought I heard the priest announce during the prayer request, that we continue to worship Jesus with mask on. I had a short discussion with a parishioner who I’m sure was vacanated and she almost started to cry when I informed her that three of the vaccines use a DNA chain from a 1973 willful abortion completed in the Netherlands and that JJ used a beating heart willful abortion which is more current. What a horrible thing or attempt to divide us, Catholics will be tested. Knights Templar unite and protect what’s left. Sounds crazy but we need to stand up now. Jesus unite us and protect us.

  2. Liz

    This breaks my heart, and is so unbelievable!

  3. God be with unvaxed people of that diocese, and give them the strength and courage to continue to refuse the vax, despite the consequences. God ,give the vaxed people of that diocese the strength and courage to protest what this archbishop is doing.

  4. Dianna

    Its a war…a war on our freedom, our way of life, our right to choose, and now – a war against God. That’s not gonna go well! I am just blown away by the people who willingly submit. The Protestant churches here have been “vaccine centers” with ministers providing snacks. Our Arch Bishop actively tells people on TV its an “act of love and moral obligation for all Catholics” Guess that millstone will sink him too. I will never submit to such tyranny against my soul. To demand vaccination cards to go to Mass is heresy. Keeping people from the sacraments? Putting “guards” at the door? Its a mortal sin for these bishops and all who submit.

  5. Gina Nakagawa

    The demon has not had this much fun since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden. Pray God that those who love Him stand strong against this evil.

  6. Aussie Mum

    It appears that non-vaccination is being used as a weapon to categorise faithful Catholics as dangerous to the public’s health, labelling such a choice as unconscionable and thereby promoting the idea that the “un-vaxed” are beneath contempt. If this trend continues no Covid-unvaccinated person anywhere will be able to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments except clandestinely, and we will be isolated from society in general re education, work, travel, health care, entertainment etc. It’s demonically clever! Ostracise and demean in an attempt to destroy … They didn’t use the cover of a virus but didn’t Nazis start out doing to Jews as is now being attempted on Catholics?

  7. sanfelipe007

    “Answer: The minister said “no” unless she had proof of exemption, which is rare.”

    So I guess asking that church for a religious exemption is rare, to non-existent?

  8. Julie Grace

    Truly sad. Beyond sad it is outrageous. This is an offense to God Almighty. To restrict this holy sacrament — to regard this experimental jab derived from aborted to innocents as somehow more “essential” than God Himself– could not be any more blasphemous.

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