Original sin & murder of Jesus are remote, irrelevant! Kill remote and irrelevant babies for vaccines! Don’t be such a martyr!

sarcasm /// There is no such thing as original sin and even if there was it’s like really remote and so makes no difference to us today. There’s no weakness of mind and will today, no emotions all over the place, no sickness, no death. And besides, there is no such thing as sin at all. We’re all immaculately conceived and we’re all infallible. We’re all good because we live today, not, like, yesterday. And don’t worry about any Jesus. He’s also remote and makes no difference to us today, because we live today and He’s, like, so yesterday. He’s dead and He stays dead. There is no such thing as redemption or any need for forgiveness. So, being a martyr for Jesus is stupid. It’s not being a man of consensus. Our consensus is that we have to all run away from him, and we all have to murder babies made in His image for “vaccines” to benefit ourselves. “They’re so small, who’s going to care anyway?” [[as one icon-of-orthodoxy-priest told me.]] To be a martyr is to commit THE SIN: rigidity. If you’re a believer, you’re rigid. You deserve everything you get. You think you’ll be a martyr but you’ll just be a failure like Jesus, not a man of consensus, merely “rigid”. /// off sarcasm

hilaire belloc

“To the young, the pure, and the ingenuous, irony must always appear to have a quality of something evil, and so it has, for […] it is a sword to wound. It is so directly the product or reflex of evil that, though it can never be used – nay, can hardly exist – save in the chastisement of evil, yet irony always carries with it some reflections of the bad spirit against which it was directed. […] It suggests most powerfully the evil against which it is directed, and those innocent of evil shun so terrible an instrument. […] The mere truth is vivid with ironical power […] when the mere utterance of a plain truth labouriously concealed by hypocrisy, denied by contemporary falsehood, and forgotten in the moral lethargy of the populace, takes upon itself an ironical quality more powerful than any elaboration of special ironies could have taken in the past. […] No man possessed of irony and using it has lived happily; nor has any man possessing it and using it died without having done great good to his fellows and secured a singular advantage to his own soul.” [Hilaire Belloc, “On Irony” (pages 124-127; Penguin books 1325. Selected Essays (2/6), edited by J.B. Morton; Harmondsworth – Baltimore – Mitcham 1958).]


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5 responses to “Original sin & murder of Jesus are remote, irrelevant! Kill remote and irrelevant babies for vaccines! Don’t be such a martyr!

  1. Aussie Mum

    This way of presenting the truth jumps out at one and although succinct – just one paragraph (paragraph one) – says so much. I hope it is widely read. Thank you for all your efforts Father.

    My elder son (my carer) is booked-in to have the vaccination next week; I am praying he doesn’t have it. I will try to get him to read this post, as I have tried with previous posts, but I doubt he will. We have been arguing back and forth about the vaccine for months, but he has made up his mind that he has to have it in order to protect me from Covid and cites Church authority (Pope, CDF, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference etc) as the final arbiter. My other three children have probably already had it, although I don’t know for sure as my daughters and younger son successfully avoid me. I will keep praying but am finding it hard to be hopeful.

  2. The simplest solution is to stop elective abortion (and much of the fertility trade.)

    • Aussie Mum

      Simple, yes; but barring a miracle it won’t happen under the leaders we have. Australia had three Catholic Prime Ministers between 2013 and 2018 and not one of them made any attempt to stop elective abortions. 40-50 million babies are aborted globally eat year and none of our leaders, not even those who are Catholic, care enough to do anything to stop it. The words of Our Lord or Our Lady spoken to Blessed Sister Aiello to describe our world leaders today – “specimens infernal” – come frequently to mind.

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