“Never an unpublished thought.” But…

It’s been said that yours truly has no unpublished thought. That means that for the past two weeks when the blog was down I’ve had no thoughts at all. I must admit that the keyboard helps me to think. Yes, that’s a thing. No keyboard = No brain. ;-)

Before the diocesan retreat for all us priests with the Bishop and Vicar General toward the beginning of October, I myself took the blog down motu proprio. I’ve done this before. The problem is that if the blog is up at all, I’m distracted. Not good for a retreat. That worked for the good of the retreat. Afterward I noted that the break itself was beneficial as I raced round about the back ridges of Appalachia catching up in providing the Sacraments to the Lord’s Little Flock.

Taking a moment to look behind the blog itself, I noticed that all sort and manner of people have been coming to the blog despite its being locked down, despite my having changed out long gobbledegook passwords for others as long and as gobbledegook. That didn’t slow any special readers down even for a nanosecond. Not being a hacker at all, I find that to be amazing, which tells you that I’m so very naïve. Whatever.

This break has been my own great reset, especially in the spiritual life, with the Rosary. More on that later. There are many things I would like to bounce off kind readers in times to come, while that is possible. There are a lot of things happening. And there are a lot of ostriches with plenty of sand all around. That itself is a sign to me that things will get much worse before they get any better. If a keyboard helps me to think, any readers actually keep me in line. And for that I am grateful.


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11 responses to ““Never an unpublished thought.” But…

  1. nancy v

    Deo gratias.

  2. akperera

    Glad you are back – I did wonder! Praying for you.

  3. Joisy Goil

    I’m so glad you are back and have the blog up and running. I suspected that you might have closed it because of your retreat – but I worried anyway. These are strange times and no one can ever be sure anymore. (except that we know that God will prevail – Amen!) I too suffered from separation anxiety. God bless.

  4. Liz

    Prayers for you, Father.

    I get to go on a day retreat on Tuesday with Bp. Schneider. I’m looking forward to it. Retreats are always so good.

  5. Catherine

    Welcome back Father George and Happy Sunday! I remember you doing this before so I wasn’t anxious, though I did check your site periodically just incase I was wrong.
    There are a lot of people sensing something very wrong and feel that more unpleasant events are headed our way. I try to prepare practically and spiritually. I keep reminding myself that God provides and I also ask St. Joseph to help show me how to prepare. I lean heavily on the Holy Family and Jesus, the Divine Mercy and the saints that God sends my way.
    I’m glad you had an opportunity to “charge up”, Its wonderful to hear from you again Father George and you were missed. God bless,

  6. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God! We pray for you regardless of the reason for the “blog-down.” I totally get from where you you come about a break – especially during a retreat. You owe us nothing but the love of Christ, which you provide in abundance, of course. And here, I thought, I had grown out of separation anxiety…

  7. Glad you’re back. God bless you.

  8. Mildred Reyes

    Oh to God be the glory ! Others have used anxiety separation and so do I . I was devastated that I could not even bring up the past posts for the encouragement,humor, and blessings they would provide. The picture of the last rose did not come thru till today even though the message seemed to indicate a “closing “of sorts. I pray your retreat was filled with the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary’s protection. More than happy for getting back to us. AMDG mildred

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  9. Gina Nakagawa

    I thought I had been bad. I could not reach you, and, frankly, I was heart broken. So grateful to God that you are back, and that all is well with you. Jubilate Deo.

  10. Once I see that the site is mysteriously down, I check more often in hopes of seeing it back up again. As for other observers, I’m sure that some people know of every exploitable flaw in WordPress. You might also be interested to know that hackers are constantly trying to access my WordPress admin page– even though I have never used WordPress for my web sites and have never even had it installed. I also see any number of other attempts to identify what might be behind my firewall so that vulnerabilities can be exploited– and I’m quite the nobody.

  11. pelerin

    Whilst I appreciate your need for a break from blogging, Father, could we have a warning next time please as I always think it is problems with my computer!

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