Adoration in the darkness

It’s all bright in the church close to Jesus even while outside the darkness deepens even as dawn is about to break.

Did you see what lifesite has about the Dominican Republic?


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3 responses to “Adoration in the darkness

  1. Catherine

    Good morning Father George! Is that your new monstrance?

    Yes, its terrible!! Satan is getting more and more vicious…we must not let up in prayer. We have a loving God that hears our cries and comes to our aid. Like our beloved Pope Saint John Paul II first directed us to do: “Be not afraid!”

    Have a blessed day Father!


  2. Dianna

    Evil leashed on a very poor country. Their level life is horrible normally…now? Money spent on guards, mandates that need to be used to feed and clothe people. Now, forced vaccines even on pregnant women. I know World Vision does a lot of charity work there. Do they support this? Satan on the move.
    BTW…glad you are back Padre!

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Unless the time be shortened, none shall survive.

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