Fulton Sheen on Miracle of the Sun

He puts things in context. The more you know. Just nine minutes. Really good. Fulton is the best.


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5 responses to “Fulton Sheen on Miracle of the Sun

  1. sanfelipe007

    Boooo! The video, ended with the words “the miracle of the sun.” What a cliff-hanger! Thanks be to God I already know “the rest of the story” as the late Paul Harvey used to say. But what about the poor souls who have yet to hear about it?

  2. pelerin

    I wonder who owns that pectoral cross now or is it in a museum?

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Milton Berle hated being scheduled against Bishop Sheen. He could never get his ratings higher than the good Bishop’s. Bishop Sheen had consummate dramatic timing, and could inject humor at just the right time. He was a tremendous spokesman for God Whom he openly loved very much. God blessed anyone of my age group who had the privilege of being Bishop Sheen’s contemporary.

  4. Tom Schott

    I grew up with him as our Bishop (Rochester, NY). I’d like to say we knew how special we had it. In retrospect, it would be a huge understatement. God blessed us more than we could ever know at the time.

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