For the birds! They taste just like chicken, you know, apocalyptic vultures! Preppers prepare!

Wild turkeys. Mmm. Good. Thanksgiving is coming up. They were next to a Communion Call in the back ridges of these Smoky Mountains. Hey, in that picture up top there’s a Congressman Davy-Crockett-shot, one bird behind the other: you use only one bullet to get both. I like that in these days of no ammo.

Then, in the back yard of the rectory. Sorry, the phone camera ain’t all that good. A woodpecker of sorts. I don’t know what kind. Obviously not the one that just went extinct. I can’t find it anywhere in google images. Perhaps you know? He’d be a good snack as well.

Meanwhile, because of recent events in these last couple of years, I’ve been pondering Matthew 24:28 — “Wherever the corpse may be, there will the vultures be gathered.”

Here in these parts, what I call a “thuggery of vultures” is called a “kettle”, you know, for how they fly in vortexed circles. Here’s some pictures over the years here, again from a fuzzy phone camera:

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Eating a vulture wouldn’t be my first go-to for game-foul. But, they’d make a good meal or two for sure.

Crazy, right? How could anyone think like that? Eating birds that aren’t chicken or duck or ruffed grouse or or pheasant under glass?

Here’s the deal: Events over the last couple of years have had me mulling over Daniel 7 and Daniel 12, Matthew 24 and Apocalypse 12… Ain’t easy. Mull… mull… mull…

Meanwhile, I listened to this homily by the great Father Kirby from just now:

Father Kirby’s not wrong on all that. No sir-eee.

It’s all so crazy the times we’re in. All so crazy. Meanwhile, I’m preparing a post on apocalyptic stuff.

Meanwhile again… Don’t get eaten by the vultures. You eat the vultures. They taste just like apocalyptic chicken. I think that an essential part of the recipe is preparation over an open flame fire as their horrid diet means you kinda have to carbonize them a bit. :-)


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3 responses to “For the birds! They taste just like chicken, you know, apocalyptic vultures! Preppers prepare!

  1. Thank you for posting this sermon. I really needed to hear this and will continue praying for the pope and his conversion.

  2. sanfelipe007

    When stating my intentions, I amended the wording in my Rosary from “that the Holy Father will solemnly define the Fifth Marian Dogma…”, to “for the Holy Father’s conversion, that he may solemnly define…”

    I never thought I would be praying for the conversion of a Pope, but if it was necessary before…

    Where St. Catherine urged the Pope to return to Rome, we urge him return to his senses.

  3. Catherine

    Good morning Father George! Thank you for posting this video. I too have changed the prayer on the Rosary for the Holy Father, praying for his conversion, There have been too many corrections and coverups of Pope Francis comments and teachings. If we are to blindly follow his advice and teachings, we will be burning in hell and that is the long and short of it. Yes, Father Kirby is right…pray mightily for the Pope and Holy Mother Church.

    I look forward to your future posts on your “apocalyptic writings”.I sense time is short and it would be prudent to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in preparing. I have a feeling that the secular world is going to try and butcher and suppress our sacred Advent and Christmas Season. Be ready.

    In the meantime, I prefer to leave the vultures to their natural environments.
    God bless you Father George! It is nice having you back…also, your writings are a challenge that I enjoy.


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