Just use your Rosary as a tourniquet, Father! Great idea!

My Battle Rosary won’t work, as it would rip apart right quick. But this nylon-rope Rosary made for me years ago by a seminarian-student of mine and now a fine young priest would work great. For an arm, double it over and use a strong pen to twist it tight, right in the middle just a couple turns, placing an end of the pen under the knots. PERFECT. I tried this on myself with my USCCA tactical pen that I carry along with a real pen. It’s strong enough and is quicker much more easily self-applied than any fancier tourniquet. You just gotta remember, if medical help is hours away, to loosen it once in a while to get fresh blood moving just for a moment.

Praying the Rosary helps stop the Church from bleeding out for the wrong reasons. That’s the most important, but having a strong Rosary can stop you from bleeding out from unjust violent aggression.

But carrying that Rosary-tourniquet won’t stop me from also carrying a “real” tourniquet. More on my EDC “real” tourniquet later.


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2 responses to “Just use your Rosary as a tourniquet, Father! Great idea!

  1. Dianna

    As a retired ICU/ER nurse, that’s brilliant!

  2. Trudy

    Any idea where to get one (or many)?

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