ICPC postcritical-incident non-minutiae advice

So, the other day I spent five continuous hours at the best Sheriff’s Department in Georgia, namely of Forsyth County just north of Atlanta. This was for some updating for law enforcement chaplains and others taking advantage of the presentations provided by the ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains). This was the third day. One more to go in future.

In the screen above we read a list of what might seem to overbearing “rules” to be ignored as fast as one can, but there’s a lot of wisdom here for the still adrenaline pumping immediacy of post critical incident unwinding.

I’ve never seen on-duty alcohol going on, ever. Nor finger pointing. Nor keeping anger, fears and anxieties inside, and I’ve done really a lot of ride-alongs in my days as a law-enforcement chaplain. All the guys have been upstanding and well balanced and talented in what they do.

Having said that, in contravention of the very first two rules, I admit there has been a bit of backsliding in my experience:

  • There have been a few donut stops. See number two above. :-)
  • And for number one, there was a good laugh when I said that in my town we frequently stop at a Red Bull drive-through. Yes, that was a thing for sure. Hahahaha. That was my introduction to Red Bull. :-)

Anyway, some of the presentations we’ve had so far on this level (and there are many levels) include:

  • Suicide prevention
  • Death notifications
  • Ceremonies and events (funerals, swearings in, Police Week tolling of LODDs…)
  • Ethics (lots of areas covered here)
  • Crises, critical incidents
  • All things controlled substances

Anyway, there’s not only Red Bulls, but Monsters, etc. Ooops.

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