OSHA vax mandate? Fr George will “quit” first

And that stated rebellion earns me not just a weekly $14,000.00 fine, but about $140,000.00 in fines come January 4, 2022. I have sincerely held religious objections. I have a medical exemption. I have super strong natural immunity. No one cares about that. Not being able to pay the fines, looks like jail for me. Unless one uses one’s brain.

  • “Just lie about it, Father George!”

No. I’m not going to lie. I will stand with my flock, whoever that is, wherever that person is. I’ll take the consequences. Besides, I don’t want a $10,000.00 fine and six months in prison, which is the penalty for lying. And then you’ll get the other fines anyway.

  • “Just wear a mask and get tested, Father George! Don’t be so dramatic!”

I’m not ever going to wear a mask while I pronounce the words of consecration at Holy Mass. Guaranteed. This is a big deal, actually. Other examples of breath include Jesus breathing on the apostles so that they might receive the Holy Spirit to forgive sins. Or how about the early rites of exorcism in which breathing on a subject was part of the rite?

  • “But just wear the mask to get tested, Father George! Come on, man! You know, the Thing!”

I’ll be betrayed by some self-righteous Catholic coming to one of my Masses from around the USA. Most visitors are super Catholic, but some freak out about social distancing and masks and such. One threatened to write all sorts of letter to any powers that be to complain that I breathed on the Hosts at the altar because I was standing there with no mask.

Anyway, I wonder how testing once or twice weekly is going to work out with really a lot of people all of sudden needing tests and people spending all day at testing sites. Whose not going to get fired for that?

  • “But you just can’t quit the priesthood, Father George! Don’t be a quitter! Get with the program! You’re racist if you don’t!”

I’m not asking to be “laicized” or suspended from the sacraments. God forbid! No. If the Diocese is going to comply – illegally, actually – with Joe Biden’s anti-Constitution mandate, what I will ask for is that my salary be taken away, and that whatever is considered to be part of that salary is also removed, including the right to live in a rectory, any perks like a car allowance. In effect, it would be like getting “fired” from secular employment. Meanwhile, I would still volunteer to provide the sacraments and Mass in the parish. In this way, the Diocese wouldn’t be liable for me. Here’s the fact: Joe Biden isn’t going to be president forever, right? So, I’ll financially take a hit. Big deal. I’ll keep my conscience intact. Why be a priest if I can’t keep my conscience intact.

As I write this, the Biden mandate has been “stayed” by a judge… for Texas only. Good news. But Joey couldn’t care less about the Constitution or any sort of rule of law anyway. And, it seems to me, neither does SCOTUS. And, this is done under emergency powers. SCOTUS is going to be mighty hesitant to mess with that.


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8 responses to “OSHA vax mandate? Fr George will “quit” first

  1. Mary Ann

    I will ask, The Holy Infant Jesus of Prague, to pay your fines.
    We can never compromise, and so many have already done so, and some for such small reasons at that.
    How small? A Catholic woman, with the details, regarding the use of aborted fetal tissues, and knowing about the death of a friend’s daughter, due to the second dose of, something in the arm.
    This is the worst case that I know of, of a Catholic compromising.
    I have other stories as well, but nothing quite as bad as this.

  2. Paul Maliborski

    Federal Judge just hit the pause button on the mandate. Looks like you’ll be employed a few more weeks. Jesus loves you.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Sadly, this once great country is devolving into the Gulag States of America. God help us.

  4. janeabrown47hotmailcom

    we must all stick to our convinctions and pray for each other…the good Lord knows our hearts and He will keep us safe ….continuing to pray for you fr george…we need you


  5. Joyce

    Please read/listen to
    This man sums up beautifully my disappointment in the leaders of the Catholic church for their cowardice.
    I don’t remember the Bible saying ‘all bets are off if government declares a pandemic’, do you?
    Are people so afraid of death? What happened to trusting in the Lord?
    Thank you from England – for standing up for right and truth.
    May God bless you and all the faithful.

  6. Claire Dion

    Dear Fr. Byers, Thank you for being a good and holy priest who believes in fighting for the truth and willing to make sacrifices for it. I am now a person with out a parish. I have left mine because our pastor believes that immigration is more important than abortion. In confession he yelled at friend of mine that abortion is not murder–Biden is a good Catholic and Trump is like Hitler. Sadly there are many like him. If you are forced to loose your income I will personally start a Go Fund Me site to help with your financial needs. Worry not, Jesus has your back and many of us are thirsting for priests like you who are not cowards and we will help you in any way we can. God bless you Fr. Byers and may Mother Mary wrap you in her mantle of protection.

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