Neo-Nazi Hunting: Patience wins.

The yellow Star of David with “Jude” written inside on a bloody, sweaty, burned scrap of camp-uniform is reminiscent of the Shoah, the Holocaust.

As long time readers know, I have reasons, on every level, for being in solidarity with the Jews.

As long time readers know, I not infrequently feature that very Star above on this blog, as I did about five weeks ago once again. I carry such things in my heart, always.

The Star has 12 sides, obviously referring to the 12 Tribes of Israel. The Star has six points to it, with the number six referring to that which is yet incomplete, which only comes with seven. Israel was looking for the Messiah yet to come. He is symbolized with the center-piece. The Star is to be found everywhere on the synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus preached, while He preached there. This is one which Jesus would have seen Himself that is carved into the rock from which the synagogue was made:

I myself do various things with that inside bit:

Sassy the Subaru sports a certain flag with a slight change to the center of the Star, a simple Cross.

Even more, I would call the Star of David instead the Star of the Son of David, with the Star being the living Ark of the Covenant, the Immaculate Mother of the Messiah. We recall the Flos Carmeli:

While the Star of David is very ancient, it is also prominent in more recent presentations of the Qabbalah, which simply refers to a received tradition. Some Jews would know much of this in the mid-20th century, in some places more than others. Some would know merely that it exists but never got into it in the least.

While you may like or dislike Kabbalistic literature (de-)contextualized from its wildly-varied lived experience in wildly varied places and times and cultures and degrees of knowledge about the same, or not, what you might know if you have the least smidgeon of sincerity in you is that not every Jew knows everything there is to know about anything Kabbalistic and therefore is not responsible as a representative of the same (prescinding from anyone’s assent to whatever myriad points about it[!]).

And then I recently got a message from someone who saw that yellow “Jude” Star of David above on my blog as people might on the open ended internet. Surprise was expressed that a Catholic priest would put up just such a Star in that particular context so as to be in solidarity with the Jews. After all, it was said, it is prominent in the Kabbalistic literature, as if that was a conclusion.

I responded that this yellow Star with “Jude” written in it was an obvious reference to the Holocaust, and that… But I was cut off. The person said that the Star belongs to the Jews. They made it up. They can own it. They all deserve everything that they get.

And that last bit was present tense with the direct context being the Shoah, the Holocaust.

I know who this person is. He knows I have Jewish heritage. This attack has been going on for years, but it was never so clear as it was just now. I’m very patient with this sort of thing. Always waiting for more clarity. Often where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. Well, well. Things are very clear right now. And the fires are the ovens. For this guy, all Jews should be put to death because Kabbalistic literature is to be found somewhere in the world.

I am reminded of a distressing documentary of a Neo-Nazi hunter. At one point he says he thought he was going to drop dead as his heart was literally pounding out of his chest what with the entirety of the horror of the holocaust in front of him. Yep.

This is more common than one might think. I can multiply examples. I should collaborate with the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


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4 responses to “Neo-Nazi Hunting: Patience wins.

  1. Joisy Goil

    You wrote, “not every Jew knows everything there is to know about anything Kabbalistic and therefore is not responsible as a representative of the same”, the same can be said about many of us Catholics regarding our faith and culture. Nonetheless, anyone who lives with hate in his heart is not only sinning, he is missing out on a lot! The simple truth is that all of us are children of God and all of us have a lot of good, interesting, valuable skills, history and life to share, How sad that some people would shut themselves off from the riches humanity holds. Obviously prayer is need here.

  2. pelerin

    There is still a lot of ignorance in Britain about war time events featuring the treatment of the Jews in France. The name of the ‘Vel’ d’Hiv’ will mean nothing to the average Englishman yet on the night of the 16/17th July 1942 over 13,000 Parisian Jews (one third of them children) were dragged from their homes by the French police and taken to the Velodrome d’hiver. They were kept there in searing heat and under dreadful conditions before being taken to a transit camp and from there onto Auschwitz. Several years ago I saw the film ‘La Rafle’ in Paris which tells their story. Everyone should see it and learn about man’s cruelty to his fellow men.
    By the way we never learnt what happened to those diamonds.

  3. nancyv

    “The real nazis are people like you and me”. That was chilling (but also thrilling) and thank you for putting that up for us to watch…and learn.
    There is a stained glass window in our church of The Presentation, with the menorah in the background behind Simeon. I am glad for that reminder.

    • nancyv

      sigh – the comment “the real nazis are people…” was chilling. The talk by Mr. Svoray was thriling in a way he was able to live and tell about it. I don’t want you guys to think I’d be thrilled to be a neo-nazi! It’s bad enough that I helped crucify our Lord in my sins.

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