People giving up freedom

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One response to “People giving up freedom

  1. Liz

    It’s so true! Here my fair city everyone just acts like it’s a just given. (Even though the entire state has no mask mandate except for us! And for that short while when it was not mandated people still wore them.) I told the kids that we (the maskless) need to really concentrate on smiling and being extra friendly to people since they are missing out on that. I feel for older people who might live alone and not see people except for at the grocery store. It makes me weep. (p.s. When fewer people were wearing the masks people were again more friendly and cheerful. I realized how unfriendly and unkind they had all seemed before when they were wearing them. It’s like that again now. It really affects people. I knew that was the case but I didn’t know how much it was like that until it wasn’t anymore.

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