Compare contrast: conform Church to cosmos, vice versa

So, I’m not going to use pictures of procured abortion. But you know what that looks like:

  • “But Father George! Father George! That’s not fair! You’re comparing Jesus dying to “embryos” removed in sterile pharmaceutical laboratories where, like, their organs are removed for really cool research, development, testing of “vaccines” for our own benefit. The least of the brethren surely agree that it’s all good.”

Any priest or (arch)bishop who says it’s good to directly murder the least of the brethren is also saying that it would be good to walk up to Mary and Elizabeth with a machete and remove John and Jesus, murdering them for our own benefit. Wow. Caiaphas!

  • “But Father George! Father George! You’re just one of those priest-bloggers who think they know better than the Magisterium!”

Here’s the deal: a priest just the other day said this:

  • “Whatever it is that authorities tell us to do is on them. We don’t have to discern anything. We can just obey. At the judgment, God will sort it out. We’re not responsible.”

Interesting, that. While people say that conscience is paramount, they immediately add that we are too stupid to have a conscience and that “authorities” can just tell us what to do with no reference to Scripture, Tradition, and the interventions of the Supreme Magisterium throughout the centuries.

Tell you what: I want my conscience formed by Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the interventions of the Supreme Magisterium throughout the centuries, those matters… quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus creditum est – which everywhere, always and by everyone is believed.

That which is rejected by my well-formed conscience is Pachamama being some sort of god, the Traditional Latin Mass being invalid, the murder of babies for “vaccines”, on and on and on and on and on… And it doesn’t matter if the “authority” is a priest, a(n) (arch)bishop, or the Pope. No one has spoken infallibly. I stand with Scripture, Tradition, the interventions of the Supreme Magisterium. By the way, any old execration of Pope Francis or some worker in the Holy See is not infallible. That that has to be said tells you something about the times we live in.

  • They say: “Blah-Blah-Blah!”
  • I say: “I think I heard you say Blah-Blah-Blah. Is that correct?”
  • They say: “Blah-Blah-Blah is necessary.”
  • I say: “There is only one Word necessary, the Incarnate Word, Jesus, the Word you want dead, silenced, never to speak, and to the point, never, then, to pass judgment on your sorry selves. Go to Confession: call for the Mercy of… Jesus.”

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  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Unless these days be shortened…

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