To vax or not? Guardian angel smacks down friend. Better listen up, you priests and bishops.

/// An out-of-country friend sent in a couple of emails, slightly edited to remove identifying details.///

Dear Father George

A few months back, I had no intent to go weed the garden. I was feeling somewhat in the dumps about a particular matter, and was sitting on my butt ruminating over it, to no good purpose. Suddenly, I needed to go out and weed along the edging of our back gardens.

I had a kneeler and would weed a few feet, move the kneeler and repeat. As I moved along I became more distraught, and by the time I was near our gazebo I was tearful. As I got to the weeds by the gazebo, I was overcome by seeing the scene of me weeping in there after my daughter told me she had aborted our grandchild, over […] years ago. That day I saw my deceased grandson and wept for him, and for my daughter.

As of the then current moment, I had the answer. The question in my mind was about whether I would get the vaccine. As pressures have mounted I have thought from time to time that I should go. But, each time I thought I would, I became nauseous and decided not to. I don’t need to phone a friend, because the Creator of the universe already spoke to me. My final answer is emphatically NO.

All of the current vaccines use aborted fetal cells, either through the whole process, as in the J&J and Pfizer vaxes, or for testing as in the others.

I know what the Pope has said, and also what our local Bishop is currently saying, and though I greatly respect them both, I cannot do what they recommend. In fact, my down moments at the time were because my Bishop was recommending vaccines for us all.

Many of the vaccines use replicated fetal tissue from a little aborted boy in the Netherlands, in the 1970s, called for their purposes HEK293. This means that this was the 293rd fetus that died and was tested on, for Human Embryonic Kidney tissue. It may surprise you to know that tissue from dead babies is useless, and that it has to be extracted prior to their death.

God Bless You. ///

Here is the rest of the story.

So, after the experience in my note, I was very clear on where I stood, and have not wavered. Soon after, our pastor was attending our Zoom prayer meeting, for our Holy Spirit prayer group. A parishioner [… said…] that the vaccines were not to be taken. […] Our pastor was in a quandary as to what to advise […], as our bishop has been very pro vax, and has since required that all priests/deacons/staff/volunteers be jabbed. Most in our prayer group are vaxxed. […] of us have refused.

I shared the story I posted on your latest article [Compare contrast: conform Church to cosmos, vice versa], and was in tears as I shared it. A week later, our pastor posted a letter from one of the Bishop’s toadies saying the Pope says it’s ok, the Bishop says it’s ok. Get the jab!

That’s part of the rest of the story. Please give my regards to Father Gordon. I continue to follow you both. God Bless You.


My comment: Yes. Guardian Angels are our best friends, doing whatever it takes, doing the necessary, to get us to listen up. Great! We will be literally eternally grateful for the smack downs we all receive.

This is frightening: You want to know how bad things are? Re-read that post as if for the first time: Compare contrast: conform Church to cosmos, vice versa. But this time, read it knowing the result, basically that the pastor and one of the bishop’s toadies, citing the bishop and Pope Francis, went out to buy machetes, as it were, in analogy, for their encouragement to vax is just that deadly, and they do it in view of the whole truth of the matter. Now I want to vomit.


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6 responses to “To vax or not? Guardian angel smacks down friend. Better listen up, you priests and bishops.

  1. Catherine A Lemek

    I remember a priest talking about Satan and abortion. He said that Satan did not care how many abortions were opposed as long as he could manage for everyone to agree to just one. In an argument with a “pro-life” doctor and blogger regarding this little child, his response was that the mother would have gotten rid of him anyway. I want to vomit, too.

  2. nancyv

    I read this and weep…and worry (I know, I know), about dear family and friends who have taken this, and then come to the realization, go to confession and be told it’s not a sin.
    So as I was just worrying, my Guardian Angel reminded me God knows what is in the heart of the one confessing, it will be ok?

  3. sanfelipe007

    If today you here His voice, harden not your heart.

  4. Dianna

    Our Archbishop promotes this vaccine on TV, at various events, hob-nobs with the elite and goes home to his 2million dollar residence. As Fr. Altman’s description… “Monsters in Mitres with Millstones”. Sad but true.

  5. Gina Nakagawa

    For many decades, the teachings of Holy Mother Church have been distorted. The natural outcome of that distortion has resulted in what we see today. Paul VI said that he smelled the “smoke of Satan in the sanctuary” He did nothing to clear the air. Now what we need to do is stand strong, pray hard and search for that narrow gate.

  6. Joisy Goil

    Many years ago when birth control first hit the scene, the priest who married me and my husband said that birth control would lead to abortion, to divorce being acceptable, euthanasia and the overall decline of human society. We thought he was being over dramatic. But he was right. He was a devout priest and became a victim to abuse accusation. No one who knew him believed it, but it didn’t matter – he was guilty because he was accused.

    Now we have the current scenario with the powers of authority are trying to force us to do their bidding. All I can say is carry your spiritual arms (rosary) and use them.

    Beg Our Lady to crush the head of the serpent. (asap)

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