Canon Law favoring Traditionis custodes? Lane-splitting and one of my Hier-stehe-ich moments

Just a bit of lane splitting is going on here. But that would never happen with Canon Law would it?

Hours after this was published yesterday – “I’m stunned you say *Traditionis* custodes is evil” – a long conversation with a superb Canon Lawyer ensued about there being no doubt about what the law intends to be done practically, which is quite a separate issue, he said – merely playing the devil’s advocate here (which is very helpful) – it’s a separate issue from anything that might be theologically evil in the law. Thus, his argument ensued: regardless of any theological evil in the law, the clear practical demand put upon you to offer Holy Mass is not in itself evil, even if the rite is limited to the Novus Ordo.

My response, in summary, was this: “I can’t stand [it]. I think every word [he] writes is false, including ‘and’ and ‘but.'” What is paraphrased here was met with a poker face. So I added that for me to act upon a practical law based upon theological evil is to give that theological evil my fiat, something more than any “silence gives consent.” A slight nod indulging my disability of scrupulosity in this matter was performed, encouraging me to continue.

If I were to accept offering Holy Mass only according to the Novus Ordo because of my being forced to bow down to Traditionis custodes in its practical application — and even prescinding while doing this from any criticism of theological error regarding the Ancient Rite (that it is invalid in se – in itself – as a rite of Holy Mass) — I would be accepting the Novus Ordo in it’s celebration as that which is also invalid as a rite of Holy Mass. If you invalidate the consecrations of the Ancient Rite wrought by a validly ordained priest, you invalidate the consecrations of the Novus Ordo as well. Any dissing of the Sacrifice of the Mass which is itself brought about by the consecrations, by the Lex orandi, the Law of Praying, in one rite also disses that Sacrifice, that Lex orandi, those consecrations, in all rites. See the reasoning in “I’m stunned you say *Traditionis* custodes is evil”.

I don’t want to have anything to do with Traditionis custodes. There is no amount of lane-splitting that is going to convince me that it is somehow good to follow this law in any way. It is an insult to Jesus, to His Sacrifice, to the members of the Body of Christ since the time of the Last Supper until today. I just can’t go there. Ain’t gonna happen.


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    I am always grateful for the link Fr George provides to the Big Pulpit where you can find many an interesting article which you would not have seen elsewhere. Today there is a link to an article about the death of a Jewish survivor of the holocaust who became a Catholic Priest – Fr Gregor Pawlowski.

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