Call of Duty Rittenhouse Meme: Humor and bonus, neither Vigilante nor Vigilatte®

Hahaha. What’s not funny is that the media brought about the riots in which people lost their lives. That they lost their lives is not the fault of Kyle, not in the least. They forfeited their own lives by delivering potentially deadly aggression toward Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle had been busy putting out fires and rendering first aid. Kyle is not a vigilante. And he’s surely not a Vigilatte®:

Employment of the 2nd Amendment for defense of self and others against unprovoked and already being delivered deadly aggression is still part of this Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law, and always remains part of Natural Law (=unalienable, God-given). Just defense is not illegal. It is a positive contribution to the virtue of justice which you never want to have to make. But if you do, it is what it is.

Kyle is the victim in all this.

Thanks for putting out fires, Kyle. Thanks for rendering first aid, Kyle. Praying for you, Kyle.


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3 responses to “Call of Duty Rittenhouse Meme: Humor and bonus, neither Vigilante nor Vigilatte®

  1. sanfelipe007

    Yes, nancyv, I was moved by Sandmann’s post and his offer to Kyle. The statements by the irresponsible who say things like “this verdict proves that our justice system is broken,” or “this sends the message…” drives me nuts.
    Thank you for this post, Father, and for the funny video. My “guilt” for reprimanding my brother is rightly smashed down by, I can only imagine, what Kyle is feeling after that unrepeatable series of events.

  2. nancyv

    Hear hear! (I was so relieved to hear the not guilty verdict that I didn’t know what to think either: gladness for him or sadness for the twistiness of our society. Both) Yep, we need to keep praying for him. I was glad to hear that Nick Sandmann reached out to him.

  3. Dianna

    I literally cried when Kyle Rittenhouse was read the verdict of not guilty on all counts. Justice given by this jury. Anyone with eyes to see could see that his life was threatened and that he tried to run away. Such blindness of the left. This was not a race case, not a terrorist case, simply a teenage boy trying to protect people and businesses. Watching the blatant, evil mocking of him, his family, his tears….truly shows the agenda of the left – total adherence to their distorted views. Praise God! The truth won. We must always stand up for truth no matter how hard. I pray Kyle can grow, overcome and thrive…

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