Against monsters ad intra & ad extra

Courage doesn’t mean no fear, but rather it means dealing with fear. This guy is inspiring.

And… and… I finally figured out how to embed Rumble videos. Just in time. YouTube is visiting posts of this blog even with no videos at all. It’s all Google, right?

Normally, I would be sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal with my old neighbors to the hermitage as I write this on Thanksgiving afternoon. They’ve moved hundreds of miles away (no matter). We had early Mass across the Trail of Tears mountain and then I was a full hour into my trip when – bang bang bang – and my standard shift of Sassy the Subaru lost the top two gears, 5-6. I was able to get back home. I’ll look into that tomorrow. Quiet day again. Great! I’m gonna listen to this guy again… Thank God for him.


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2 responses to “Against monsters ad intra & ad extra

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Wow! I will have to spend some of Thanksgiving being thankful for people like him. People who stand up despite the threats and speak for liberty! Sorry about Sassy. Very thankful that God introduced me to people like you, Father MacRae, and Father Buckler. May the Good Lord bless and keep all of you and priests like you in His Loving Care. May the Mother of Priests, and Jesus’ good Mom, comfort and protect you always.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I found myself saying “well said” along with the others in the video! Inspiring indeed. Thanks be to God for your safety, Father.

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