Catholic Examination of Conscience for Adults

Here’s a pretty good examination of conscience before going to Confession:

I don’t know anything about bulldogcatholic. I only glanced at this examination. Couple of things:

  • About the abstinence from meat on certain days such as Fridays, there is no mention of the possibility of doing another penance or charitable act instead, according to the promulgated law of whatever country’s Bishops Conference.
  • There is talk only of male self-abuse. Um… I think women can do that grievous sin as well.
  • While sins of simple contraception belong to the sixth commandment, chemical contraception belongs to the fifth commandment – Do not murder – as the chemicals murder an already conceived child. Meanwhile, in vitro fertilization also belongs to the fifth commandment, since, to get one conception (which involves its own mortal sins) you have to get very many other conceptions which are then discarded like trash. Meanwhile, artificial insemination is a sin against the sixth commandment as unity is also to be part of the marriage act, which is always to be open to life.

If you see any other adjustments, leave them in the comments section. But the rest looks quite good. I like how the fifth commandment gives a proper translation of the Hebrew, which has “Do not murder.” Not all killing is murder. I think of the just stopping of a threat of already being delivered mortal violence. Should that end with the perp dying, that’s on him, not on the one stopping the threat.

Perhaps you know of other good examinations of conscience…

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One response to “Catholic Examination of Conscience for Adults

  1. Joisy Goil

    Thank you, Father George for this examination of conscience.

    I only saw one item that I believe needs clarification, it says:
    Third Commandment, “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”
    Have I…

    • Received any sacrament while in the state of mortal sin?

    I think it should say, ‘except for the sacrament of confession.’

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