Hanukkah Night and Day 6

Veritatis splendor, the Truth’s splendor, is a good moral life, a good spiritual life. Truth begets the action of love. Living as the children of God, keeping the commandments, means being one with God. That’s God’s gift to us. The military victories bringing about the rededication of the Temple were God’s gift to us.

The Temple as the epicenter of God’s presence, with God making the Holy of Holies holy, being rededicated, points to our own necessity of being rededicated as living stones in that Temple.

When Jesus “cleanses” the Temple with a whip of cords, He speaks of the rededication of the Temple of His own Body, which He would raise up in three days. As the Master, so the disciple.

Thinking of improvements for the display above. I wonder… What if I were to put a couple of Lilies on the top-outer corners of the stained-glass angels to hide the clips of the LED lights? That might work…


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4 responses to “Hanukkah Night and Day 6

  1. sanfelipe007

    Oh yes, Father. Flowers are a great idea. Several purposes would be served.

  2. nancyv

    Living stones….even the stones will cry out….
    Maybe you could tie the lights with fishing line, which I think would be invisible? and then you could cut it for easy removal. But it is beautiful as is!

  3. meshugunah

    Do you have any holly trees near by? Prickly holly leaves are used to symbolize the Crown of Thorns, Red berries the Drops of Jesus’ Blood, and ever-green leaves for eternal life. Don’t know where you could get fresh lilies this time of year, but hey, stranger things have happened…

    • Father George David Byers

      I have a red bud. Yikes. Not in bloom. But, come to think of it…. Yes… I’ll have to see… They are very small. Good idea…

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