Happiness: “rûnt” & “spõlt” – Oinkies for the unvaxed?

These arrived anonymously via Amazon yesterday evening, mere hours after putting up a doggie post. I had mentioned that a certain Military Intel guy, an enemy of all that is cartels and drugs, provided some doggie treats in person at the car-port gate. Apparently there is now a competition to ruin and spoil the pooches, to the end that they are both “rûnt” & “spõlt” as they say in WNC. I’m good with that. But “Oinkies” (second from the right)? Lol. Those are clearly for Laudie-dog. They already passed her taste test. She’s very content.

So, I get it. What this also means is that even if, like in a certain province in Canada, supermarkets are allowed to ban the unvaxed from buying food where you live, maybe you’ll still be able to go food shopping on Amazon. I would just hope that there is more to eat than Oinkies. And if I were to eat an Oinkie, well, I don’t think I would be able to do that. Laudie-dog would jump up and rip it from my mouth, indignant that I would eat any Oinkie that surely belonged to her.


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3 responses to “Happiness: “rûnt” & “spõlt” – Oinkies for the unvaxed?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Spoilt only means that you treat them with kindness and respect their place in God’s great creation. Keep on spoiling, Father!

  2. Dianna

    They are beautiful dogs Father, sent just for you. How sweet that they are getting “fans” and treats. I have always loved animals! I find the most loving just “show up.” God bless you and your beautiful friends..

  3. Joisy Goil

    Give those spoilt puppies a hug for me. We lost our kitty last Tuesday, and it occurred to me that maybe she is now sitting on Our Lady’s lap.

    Pets are God’s gift to us. A reminder of how much unconditional love He has for us….but… also a reminder that we better keep ourselves straight (refer to the comment about Laddie Dog and the Oinkies) LOL.

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