Safety net for priests getting cancelled

That’s great. But I would not want to use their funds. I would want to leave that for someone more needy that I if I were ever to get cancelled by say, a replacement bishop if our bishop should become an archbishop somewhere else. But I’m happy they are set to help those being smacked down because they want to continue with the Ancient Rite, because they won’t get jabbed, because they won’t worship Pachamama, because they won’t bless homosexualist civil unions, and, of course, just because, because those who would cancel a priest for such reasons always do so for petty reasons, like using church bulletins to advertise Mass times in the Ancient Rite. There is no way to escape those who are petty. They have power and they feel the POWER! It is to laugh if it weren’t so sad.


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2 responses to “Safety net for priests getting cancelled

  1. pelerin

    I had to google the word ‘dreck’ used on the link as I have never come across it before. I see that it has a Yiddish origin.
    May I take this opportunity of thanking you, Fr George, for all your inspiring posts this year and of wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and every Good Wish for the New Year.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Diabolical, Father, just diabolical. But, let the schmucks have their fun. It is not going to last.

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