Using Francis against himself for the TLM. Sardonic humor, incisive truth. Yikes!

Thanks go to the many who collaborated to bring this extremely helpful if utterly sardonic extended bit of humor to light. Even the length is cynically sarcastic, mimicking the useless verbosity of the Bergoglio-esque modus operandi. One is overwhelmed, suffocated, convinced by the massive weight of the horror, the truth, setting one free, ever so humorous, but ever so sad. But I love it. Totally.

Ultimately, is this useful? Should this actually be used against the insistence of some (arch)episcopal sycophant of Francis? I mean, it would be difficult for, say, a Cardinal Cupich to deny the truths of this humor. But do we set up a precedent? Are we to be “disobedient” with sarcasm?

I mean, I don’t know, let’s figure this out. What is the law when the mens legislatoris (the mind, the intention, of the legislator) is so extremely, excruciatingly clear regardless of what some “It’s-only-the-text-of-the-actual-precept-canon-lawyer” has to say?

I would challenge any (arch)bishop and/or Canon lawyer to read that piece linked above. It’s humorous, but there is a deadly, deadly, deadly serious side to it. The accuracy and completeness and nuance of the citations are stunning, overwhelming. This is academia at it’s best, interpretation of the law at its best. This goes right to the heart of the Church, the Sacred Heart of the Church. This is about the salvation of souls. Sometimes humor speaks more loudly than direct commentary. But this is all direct commentary simultaneously. Yikes! Congratulations to this author, to the translator, to the publisher. Awesome. Great work.

The author, by the way, has been out in the peripheries more than Bergoglio could ever dream of being out in any peripheries. This guy absolutely cares for the sheep and lambs of the Lord’s Little Flock in every way. He gets it. The “authenticity” of this guy makes him someone to be reckoned with. He’s a giant of a Catholic among Catholics. And he has all the degrees in the world. All the street-cred of a true believer.

And after wading though this, I’m quite convinced that this sarcasm is also intended by Francis and +Roche. In other words, for Francis and +Roche, this is what is actually happening:

  • “If you conservative idiots are so stupid as to take Traditionis custodes and the Responses to the Dubia by the CDW seriously, then you’re not even worth taking seriously. Go ahead and hyper-obey, all angry and cynical, which is where we want you to be. But if all y’all are smart enough to catch on to our “no-law-is-a-good-law” way of going about things, then, by all means, we got you where we want you. Go ahead and do whatever you want with the TLM. Celebrate it all the time. We don’t care. That’s not the point. What we want is for you to ignore all law, to ignore the Church, to get into the habit of ignoring any Pope who comes along in the future. We are baiting you, and you have taken the bait. Hahahahaha!”

But what Francis and +Roche don’t understand is that true believers have the wisdom to see through the demonic cynicism. We will remain believers. We will continue to follow all just laws, all just precepts. We will continue to follow Jesus. We won’t be doing any demon idol worship. And Jesus has the last laugh as we use Francis and +Roche against themselves and still remain with Jesus. :-)

So, just to be clear: There is no TLM or any Sacrament or Sacramental of the Ancient Rite which is either invalid or illicit. We know the mens legislatoris, diabolically cynical as it might be. It’s all gaslighting. To them, it’s humorous. But I’ll remain deadly serious about the salvation of souls with Jesus, who was absolutely deadly serious.

Can you imagine saying Holy Mass on the front lines for the guys and putting the demon-idol Pachamama in front of them? I can’t. I won’t. The demonic hierarchy can go to their own place. I will not follow. I will remain with Jesus, by His grace, in His joy.


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4 responses to “Using Francis against himself for the TLM. Sardonic humor, incisive truth. Yikes!

  1. nancyv

    I didn’t click on link because I am getting to the point I can’t decipher humor and seriousness, which is dangerous for me. In these ridiculously convoluted times, what you just wrote has helped me immensely. Shepherd on!

  2. sanfelipe007

    I feel the spirit of Martin Luther skulking around in there; reformation-counterreformation resulting in a great loss for all.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Bless me, Father, for I am a very rigid Catholic. Thank you for all your wise and sometimes humorous words. They encourage a person to keep on keeping on. God bless your New Year, and every year after, abundantly.

  4. stephen round

    Following events closely.TLM.Looking at who hates it increases its attractiveness to me.Never been to one.However I am on the hunt.Catholic since Easter 1977.Sat thru to many Clown masses.Endured them.Obligation to be met.The Bishop of my Diocese did us a favour.Dispensation.I would thank him but I well.Not much respect for the man.Much religious persecution in Canada here.However some are standing up and fighting back.e,g.Artur Palowski and others.The life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer intrigues me.Bp guy Desrochier he is standing up.On the whole with some exception its a pretty poor showing.Difficult to stay Catholic.They with their cowardly lockdown and it ended that night for me.Very polite but no mass.Cannot forget that.First night of the lockdown.A defining moment.It may appear Satan is winning the battle.HE WILL NOT PREVAIL.This I know.VIVA CRISTO REY.Scientific Facism and Medical Tyranny as soft weapons of Marxist takeover unacceptable.China Iran and North Korea and Putin move forward to hard weapons.They love Kamala and Poopy pants and silly Milley.Herein I digress.Lest I be censored.Oh MY.Happy New year.All the best to both you and Fr.Gordon.Been honoured to make comments to Fr.g s remarks occasionally.

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