6 January 2021 capital police shooting review of the recap one year later. CIA gives a nod.

When I first reviewed this shooting right after it happened the CIA came to that post on this blog on a named server, I guess so as to give a nod to the content, so unique was my point of view. I haven’t changed my mind on this at all.

The incredible number of law enforcement officers who had waved people into the capital building and then guiding people and accompanying them to that restricted, locked-down area, were effectively encouraging those people to break into that restricted area, purposely causing an incident of what was, at that moment in that place, now a national security emergency.

The officers on the other side of the doors, at the security kiosk down the hallway, are independent. Think of that. No one can warn them in advance. No one can order them to stand down, not even – get this – not even the President of these United States. Those few guys have a certain internal independence from the rest of the Capital Police. It has to be that way. They have a job to do and politicians cannot micromanage how that job is carried out during an incident which will always concern other politicians. The job for those guys was to stop any breach of security at that moment in that place during the lockdown of that area. They don’t know if anyone is armed, has bombs. They don’t know if the law enforcement acting so benignly to those breaking into the locked-down area are traitors. They. Don’t. Know. What they see is that their obligation is to stop any untoward threat, no matter what. The guy did his job.

Everyone who is in law enforcement at the Capital knows that these guys will take the shot no matter what. They know that these guys in the locked-down area are the best shots in the world. They will stop the threat. That’s what they’re trained to do. That those other law enforcement officers led these people to that locked-down area, all good with them breaking into that locked down area, makes them, in my view, likely guilty of murder. They knew what was going to happen, didn’t they? The guy who pulled the trigger, conversely, is not guilty of murder. He just did his job. He was exonerated. He was set up. This was ordered, right?

What tipped me off that this seemingly had to be the case is my own recreational shooting on my “days off” for years leading up to that time. I was getting to be a fairly good shot, doing things like this guy was doing, running sideways while unholstering and shooting a small moving target from a distance. But I was having some success with that exercise while not being under pressure. This guy got the spinal cord shot under pressure at a greater distance. Incredible. Best shot ever. This guy was surely going through really a lot of practice ammo at special ranges permitting special stages to be enacted for special courses so as to be able to do his job. And he did.

And I don’t have any criticism for the gal who got taken down. No. She felt that she was good to go because of the law enforcement crowd accompanying and effectively encouraging that group to do what they were doing at that locked-down area. It’s just so sad that politics – I think on the left – made this happen. There is tons of video and documentation that no one is allowed to see. Why’s that? Because it would be so very, very obvious that this was a set-up.

Why would anyone set up something like this? It’s makes a politician look bad, that’s why.

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