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new vax mandate begins

As as this writing, well into the morning of 10 January, 2022, SCOTUS did not (yet) provide a Stay of Execution on OSHA’s mandate to receive an experimental, dangerous , abortion-tainted “vaccine.” A non-decision is a decision for as long as they go out of their way to neglect making a decision.

I will not comply with getting any abortion-tainted so-called “vaccine.” Ain’t gonna happen.

You might ask whether or not I’ve been granted a religious exemption, as if an unalienable God-given right to the free exercise of religion necessitates any permission to exercise that right. The answer is no, I have not yet been granted any religious exemption, at least not yet. Why not? You’ll have to ask the powers that be, right up to Pope Francis.


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4 responses to “SCOTUS undecided to stay vax-mandate

  1. sanfelipe007

    I continue to support you, and all faithful Priests, in prayer, Father; That you may stand firm in your trials. I know that the Lord supplies all that you will need.

  2. nancyv

    It’s just crazy Father, and again, I am with you in solidarity. Our parish announces every Sunday how if you are vaccinated, you can sit anywhere, without a mask, etc… and the transepts are reserved for those wishing to social distance and wear masks (aka not vaccinated) I sort of feel conflicted because I sit anywhere, unmasked, unvaccinated… I thought about the need to confess this?, but I am not sorry and so….carry on!

  3. Joisy Goil

    I feel the same way nancyv does on this one. But it’s almost a non issue for me because we all mask for our pastor’s peace of mind. He has a lot of health issues and if it makes him feel safer most of us do it,

    I still don’t understand why people think God would let them get sick worshiping HIM.

  4. Catherine

    Father George,
    Wishing you many blessings and graces on this 30th year of your Ordination to the priesthood!
    Just some thoughts…I was reflecting on the number 30 and our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked this earth, it was believed that Jesus began his public ministry at 30 years old…preaching, healing and driving out demons. Then, I noticed too that your Anniversary and the vax mandate follow each other? There is no such thing as coincidences with God. So what does it all mean? We just have to follow God’s Divine Will and see where He takes us. I see you following your Master’s footsteps.
    Bless you Father George! You have my prayers. Thank you for being a good shepherd!

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