Clericalism = Liturgical Abuse. Pope Francis’ liturgical abuse defines clericalism

Pope Francis says that he is against liturgical abuse. But he is by far the worst offender.

The Lord’s Little Flock has a right by way of the Blood of the Lamb to the Liturgy offered without the abuse of priests whose liturgical abuse screams “Look at me! Look at me!” No, we must look to Christ Jesus. Only He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, who draws us to Himself on the Cross, on Calvary. But you would never know about Jesus with the demon-idol worship of Pope Francis.


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4 responses to “Clericalism = Liturgical Abuse. Pope Francis’ liturgical abuse defines clericalism

  1. Joisy Goil

    I doubt any of the flock would have guessed that the flames of chastisement would be fanned by the hierarchy.

  2. William Hunter

    Dead on, Father. It appears that Francis is not the Holy Father; he is only the Pope.

  3. Catherine

    I knew there was something wrong after Francis was elected and he was presented to the people in the balcony. He just stood there looking at the eager crowd. He did not raise his arms and bless the people like other popes have done. It wasn’t until much later that he acknowledged the people. I have a picture of that moment because it left a profound empty feeling of dread.

    • sanfelipe007

      Catherine, let me first acknowledge that I know little about your dread, but what I do know, I offer in humility:

      I think, in your heart, you (and so many others) yearned for that blessing, and being denied, experienced a poverty of spirit.

      Now, Mother Theresa once said:
      “It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” I have no doubt that Mother was pointing out the lack of love, for others, in the hearts of the pro-choice.

      But I say “poverty of spirit” to reference “blessed are the poor in spirit.”

      Experiencing a poverty of spirit, to me, is evidence of our deep need for God’s love, and the perception of its absence in our heart. Now, the dread you felt , I think, was a groaning of your spirit – meaning it was not God’s love for you that is missing, but your Trust in God’s love for you, that was lacking. This dread is actually a gift, known by another name:
      Fear of the Lord.

      But what do I, really, know about it? Nothing.

      Still, obstinately, I say it speaks very well of you, and all who experienced the same poverty. God bless you, and I confess to possessing a holy envy of you, because you must be that much closer to the Kingdom, than I.

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