Pope Francis rightly reprimanded. Francis is a heretic and a blasphemer.

This guy was not screaming or yelling. He was appropriately projecting his voice to carry across the vacuous audience hall, speaking perfect Italian, making an appeal to Francis. He’s well presented, very polite with the Gendarmerie and the Swiss Guard. I’m guessing he’s wanting to say what he said in this reprimand for quite some time, but wanted to see for himself what Francis presents on such occasions. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this was a local priest in Rome, or a professor at a Pontifical University. I suppose there will be a fuller report, but what I heard him saying here was entirely consistent with what any Father of the Church, say an Augustine or a Jerome or an Athanasius would say. But I dare say he was much more soft-spoken than the greats of old would have been upon hearing the heresy and blasphemy vomited out by Francis.

Someone might say that this guy should just put his thoughts out in dialogue at an official Blah Blah Fest in a parish hall over coffee and donuts. No. It doesn’t work that way. What this guy said would be discarded instantly and the guy taken out by force. No dialogue.

But before we get into what he said let’s see what’s so offensive this time from Francis. It’s like there’s always some totally insane heresy with every gesture, every word, every symbol he comes up with on any given day. It’s the drama of Francis getting reprimanded here that puts a rather heavy spotlight on the heresy this time.

That’s the entire audience above for reference. The translations either don’t exist as of this writing or vary. But this is the video, with audio, so we check it assiduously. And I make the corrections myself. The heart of the offending bit is at 18:00-19:07. With a little added context:

“Cari fratelli e care sorelle, la gioia e il dolore che toccano la mia vita riguarda tutti, così come la gioia e il dolore che toccano la vita del fratello e della sorella accanto a noi riguardano anche me. Io non posso essere indifferente agli altri, perché siamo tutti parte di un corpo, in comunione. In questo senso, anche il peccato di una singola persona riguarda sempre tutti, e l’amore di ogni singola persona riguarda tutti. In virtù della comunione dei santi, di questa unione, ogni membro della Chiesa è legato a me in maniera profonda – ma non dico a me perché sono il Papa – siamo legati reciprocamente e in maniera profonda, e questo legame è talmente forte che non può essere rotto neppure dalla morte. Infatti, la comunione dei santi non riguarda solo i fratelli e le sorelle che sono accanto a me in questo momento storico, ma riguarda anche quelli che hanno concluso il pellegrinaggio terreno e hanno varcato la soglia della morte. Anche loro sono in comunione con noi. Pensiamo, cari fratelli e sorelle: in Cristo nessuno può mai veramente separarci da coloro che amiamo perché il legame è un legame esistenziale, un legame forte che è nella nostra stessa natura; cambia solo il modo di essere insieme a ognuno di loro, ma niente e nessuno può rompere questo legame. “Padre, pensiamo a coloro che hanno rinnegato la fede, che sono degli apostati, che sono i persecutori della Chiesa, che hanno rinnegato il loro battesimo: anche questi sono a casa?”. Sì, anche questi, tutti, anche i bestemmiatori, [tutti]. Siamo fratelli: questa è la comunione dei santi. La comunione dei santi tiene insieme la comunità dei credenti sulla terra e nel Cielo. [E sulla terra i santi, peccatori, tutti.]”

And in English with [my comments]:

“Dear brothers and dear sisters, the joy and sorrow that touch my life affect everyone, just as the joy and sorrow that touch the life of the brother and sister next to us also affect me. I cannot be indifferent to others, because we are all in one body, in communion. In this sense, even the sin of an individual person always affects everyone, and the love of each individual person affects everyone. In virtue of the communion of saints, this union, every member of the Church is bound to me in a profound way. [That’s a bit first-person-stated, but this is all the doctrine of Saint Paul on the Body of Christ, what Pius XII called in his encyclical letter: Mystici Corporis Christi. Good so far.] But I don’t say “to me” because I am the Pope; [I say] to each one of us he is bound, we have been bound, and bound in a profound way and this bond is so strong that it cannot be broken even by death. Even by death. In fact, the communion of saints does not concern only those brothers and sisters who are beside me at this historic moment, or who live in this historic moment, but also those who have concluded their journey, the earthly pilgrimage and crossed the threshold of death. They too are in communion with us. [Saint Paul speaks of the members of the churches in this world as “the saints.” All good, as sanctifying grace turns to glory in heaven. It is Christ who reconciles to be one in Christ. Good so far.] Let us consider, dear brothers and sisters, that in Christ no one can ever truly separate us from those we love because the bond is an existential bond, a strong bond that is in our very nature [Oops! That confuses grace and nature. Wrong. Let’s move on, but keep this in mind.]; only the manner of being together with one another them changes, but nothing and no one can break this bond. [“Life is changed, not ended…” Fine… But here it comes:] “Father, let’s think about those who have denied the faith, who are apostates, who are the persecutors of the Church, who have denied their baptism: Are these also at home?” Yes, these too. All of them. The blasphemers, all of them. We are brothers. This is the communion of saints. The communion of saints holds together the community of believers on earth and in heaven, and on earth the saints, the sinners, all.” [Well, that’s a gut-punch. See more fulsome comments next:]

Any nuance of “saved sinners” mentioned at the start does not refer to any sinners being saved from sin, but rather refers to sinners remaining in sin being saved while choosing to remain continuously as sinners, even in heaven, blaspheming, persecuting. Get that? It’s like he’s getting ready to congratulate all those he’s dragging to hell with him for having made it to heaven when they are obviously in hell. What a hell that would be. Being mocked by Francis for having followed his diabolical blah blah to hell.

This is even worse than Martin Luther, who had it that Christ did not save us any more than a blanket of snow covering a manure pile is saved from being what it is. Diversely, if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. But while Luther thought heaven might be lots of snow and pretty, Francis has full-on persecution, raping and pillaging and hell going on in heaven because that’s the Communion of Saints! What a fraud.

Let’s be clear. Christ Jesus warns people of their being sent to hell right though the Gospels. In the parables He simply says it: Get away from me you evil doers. I never knew you. Go to hell, not to heaven.

Francis is a universal salvationist heretic: Everyone is saved no matter what and no one goes to hell, even those attempting to spit in Christ’s face at the last judgment.

What that means is that there is actually no salvation from sin or from being sinned against. That means there is no sin, no redemption from sin, and the whole lot of it is a lie.

Tell you what: that’s not the heaven described by Jesus, Paul and the saints. I want to go to heaven with Jesus and those who have been forgiven of sin and never want to sin again, but want to praise and thank God. I myself have sooooo much to be thankful for in this regard. But I can’t do that in hell.

But this is all my take on what Francis said.

Let’s see what the guy in the video is upset about, and then how Francis reacts to him.

If I get the gist of it, he’s saying that Pope is not presenting any kind of reflection of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith, and that because Francis is not serving God with such heresy, it is God who rejects Francis. And the guy right at the end quotes and references the great prophet Samuel [15ff].

This hearkens to when Saul was doing his own will, making up his own laws with the perverted theology which has it that because he now had a bit of power as king, he could tell even God: “Non serviam!” I will not serve, just like Satan. Of course, as Samuel prophesies, God rips the kingdom from Saul and establishes David as King.

So, now that we know what this guy was upset about, what was Francis’ reaction?

If you go the full audience video, the response to the rebuke is exactly one minute, from 24:12-25:12, which just treats the guy not like someone with whom to dialog, but who is condescendingly said to be sick perhaps physically, psychically, spiritually. I find the utilitarian usage of the Hail Mary to be disgusting.

Yes, let’s pray the Hail Mary for each other, but not as weaponized: “I’m better than you are.”

This guy reminds me of the great Alexander Tschugguel.


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5 responses to “Pope Francis rightly reprimanded. Francis is a heretic and a blasphemer.

  1. sanfelipe007

    I, too reject weaponization of prayer. One such abuse is when recitation of the Rosary is used as a punishment on children! “you’ve been bad, now experience prayer as a punishment!” What a diabolical way to kill the spirit of the little ones and inure them against recourse to prayer.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Re “Dear brothers and dear sisters, the joy and sorrow that touch my life affect everyone … Father, let’s think about those who have denied the faith, who are apostates, who are the persecutors of the Church, who have denied their baptism: Are these also at home?” Yes, these too. All of them. The blasphemers, all of them. We are brothers … the saints, the sinners, all”
    Pope Francis begins addressing us as his dear brothers and dear sisters, and we naturally assume he means his brothers and sisters in Christ, but does he? His speech as it begins to unfold sounds “a bit first-person-stated” as Father notes. I may well be wrong and hope I am, but my reading of Pope Francis’ words suggest to me that he sees himself as the successor rather than vicar of Christ. Notice how he moves from addressing us to addressing God the Father in an intimate aside (as if he and the Father are one?) to think together about “those who have denied the faith” etc and coming to a joint conclusion, “Yes, these too. All of them. The blasphemers, all of them” are acceptable. How? “We are brothers”, that’s how according to Pope Francis, but such cannot be reconciled unless he is saying we are brothers and sisters in a “new Christ” for whom sin has no meaning. Father speaks of “a gut-punch”. Yes, and what a gut-punch!
    Re “Francis is a universal salvationist heretic: Everyone is saved no matter what …”
    Yes, his own words during that general audience say so.
    Modern Times opened with the decimation of Christendom, the Protestant assault moving through Europe from the West and the Islamic assault doing likewise from the East, but the Church under the Vicar of Christ and not some heretic survived. I assume our Times will end either with a Pope faithful to Christ retaking the reins or with Christ Himself returning.

  3. James Anderson

    Not speaking Italian, I found it very hard to figureout what was going on.

    • Father George David Byers

      Latin for the creed…

      • James Anderson

        I don’t read Latin either. I did have 2 years of it in HS in the late 50s. Also I don’t think there was anything wrong with the Creed yet.

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